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February 2, 2011 - 03:35 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Jefe

    I want to lick you

  • Trey

    I think I went to school with you...

  • Doyle

    If you were the NEW, untried SUPERMAN, starring in a new, SUPERMAN movie gamble, I would put my fist through the slow-to-open Ticket Booth window, grab and pull back the tickets-SO FAST, they&aposd ignite!

    You ARE THE BEST visual for the Krypton Dude, that I&aposve EVER seen! OUTSTANDINGLY GOOD-LOOKING!

  • Like Beef

    Best chest on GWIP, no question.

  • abc

    Super Sexy Man - Great look

  • onthemoon

    Dayummm! =]

  • K

    this should&aposve been the REAL superman outfit!

  • mrbill

    did the green lantern have his way with you again

  • Yikes

    Mega Gay!

  • Mark

    I want you badly!

  • PJ

    Kinky, love the body nice and muscular with chest hair!

  • Jason

    You can cum save me from a lonely night anytime.

  • Justin

    This is really sexy! Bravo!

  • You Guess

    Want me to beat that bad bitch Lois Lane up for you sup&aposs?? Ripping your clothes off like that! :P

  • Anonymous

    -I think I&aposm in heaven

  • dylan

    your always my superman

  • mt

    Great pic concept. Nice looking guy too

  • Mitchell

    hey, no fair Superman! you gotta back up with that camera so we can check out the bulge.

  • Anonymous


  • robert

    man of steel!

  • SunKissed

    I don&apost know what happened ... But it looks good ;-) lol

  • NeedsSaving

    I&aposd jump in front of oncoming vehicles if you would save me.

  • Brian

    OMG you&aposre hot... love your hairy chest and very nice nipples!! You can be my superman anytime you want!!

  • twistedchef

    May I be your Lois Lane?


  • Ivo Kern-Schmeltze

    Nice chest!

  • zer


  • Andy

    woah! what an amazing chest. Love the hair

  • Devin

    OMFG you are perfect!

  • Damn I&aposd let superman fuck me up up and anyway he wanted to!

  • Carlos

    OMG it&aposs super hottie!!! Damn you look fine!! Love that chest!!

  • LEVI

    Damn you can be my Superman anytime

  • ianwaldech

    Really cute guy ! what a nice hairy chest and especially what a smile ... you look funny and sexy ! if you want to contact me


    Damn dude you are one sexy superman. Love to lick you all over.

  • Ei

    super gay! that&aposs hooot!

  • BrasilianDude


  • mike

    damn...very hot! I wanna rip what&aposs left of that suit right off of you!

  • Tyler

    Sexy as hell ;)

  • Jim

    fucking hot. man u look good enough to eat. i wanna lick every inch of u and suck on those hot nipples

  • chaetophile

    Well aren&apost you sassy and nipplelicious! Thank you for not shaving. Nom.

  • glen

    Sexy pecs!

  • Orfeo12

    Hottest. Superman. Ever.

  • flipper1

    sign me up..... yummy!

  • Anonymous

    Superman has a great chest, hairy. Hard to see if your arms are hairy. Maybe you have blonde hair on your arms. That would be hot

  • Texxx

    Somebody saaaaaave me.

  • adam

    amazzzing... the end.

  • david in chgo

    superb body on this superman, so much so, he&aposs busting right out of his outfit!

  • Rob


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