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February 5, 2011 - 08:35 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • D'bian12

    Yummy.. Where is the pic for me baby..

  • jis89

    You're hot baby!

  • Donald

    How many serve you?

  • blue ribbon

    I can&apost ever get enough of you

  • JL

    One of the HOTTEST pics and guys on this site!!

  • DYLF

    hi, guys. i have to uh, weigh in here. this guys looks awesome! agree with you, @BB, looks like he&aposs lost a few pounds, i wouldn&apost call that a gut at all!! i just wish this sexiest of men would show us his meat in the full and upright position:)

  • jason

    Besides a damn attractive man, I love the pose. Totally communicates massive confidence. THAT&aposs sexy. ;o)

  • JoJo

    What hotel are you in?? Lets me up there.
    Beautiful bro.

  • mikey

    @Is he for real? REALLY! Suck in the gut? What gut? I seriously hope you&aposre kidding. I&aposm open to guys of all sizes, shapes, and colors... so I can&apost imagine what you might say about half the guys I think are super hot!?!?!

  • Ertai2

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. More please.

  • Anthony

    I beautiful example of the male body. Thx for posting! ;)

  • david in chgo

    the confidence you have is what makes you sexy-and irrestible-in my eyes!

  • happy to see you


  • Jerry

    I agree. 11/10

  • Gascon deChevrolet

    oh, sweetpea, if you were w/ me you wouldn&apost be stayin&apos at a Motel 6

  • yum!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Perfecto ! don&apost change man ! from Madagascar

  • Dave

    There are no words!!!

  • Chill guy


  • heathy

    very sexy


    beautiful body and a gorgeous cock .

  • Delicious!

  • Ei

    one word.. PERFECT!

  • pepe


  • jay white


  • mikey

    Still hot!

  • David

    YES, Yes I would!

  • Weeman uk

    Huh! You again

  • Showme8

    +Love the cocky smile, and the smiley cock!

  • glen

    A WELCOME return!

  • Blktop, hairy, and nice dick. Can I help wash your back?

  • J

    @Is he for real? -
    The gut remarks makes you a MAJOR DICK and a typical shallow queen!

  • Brian

    Damn... nice hairy chest and beautiful hung and thick cock!!

  • YourNumber1Fan

    So amazing from all angles, one of the sexiest guys on here. Model status, please never stop making us happy!

  • Young Neil

    You are always really hot to see! Just to wake up next to you would be amazing!

  • Ernesto

    Can&apost get enuf of this guy

  • Brian

    hands down my favorite pic so far. KEEP THEM COMING!!

  • BB

    I just love your pic&aposs.....what a great view. Is some one enjoying that on a regular basis? have you got a man? if not why not? got a great body and cock. love to watch you on some web cam
    Have you lost weight? - don&apost shave perfect as you are.

  • InShockandAwe

    u r .... all of the above and more

  • CJ

    Super pipi!

  • DylanPeirce

    Oh wow, hot. :D

  • Like Beef

    Glad to see you back handsome!

  • steven

    Although I don&apost really have any doubts, it&aposs pictures like this that remind me of exactly why I am gay....

  • Anonymous

    so very nice ! woof !!!! me likey u !!

  • Mr.Templar

    What I see, is what I get..?

  • keith

    hansome furry guy, yet well Hung

  • D

    Oh how I want to sit on that dick and run my fingers through your chest hair...

  • tim

    oh yea buddy!! turn around!!

  • Beto


  • WonderBoy

    My favorite pic of the month!

  • Is he for real?

    Very nice... suck in that gut

  • Iluvmen

    Super nice cock.

  • Danny

    This guy, is beautiful.
    And I&aposm not even talking about his goods-
    Can you imagine waking up next to his adorable face everyday? It&aposd be heaven

  • WI_Crash

    Why are you not in my bedroom waiting for me??? Hot!

  • ricky

    you&aposre gorgeous

  • David

    Marry me please. =)

  • Anonymous

    Sexy Fella!!!!!! Nice thick cock too!!!

  • joe


  • ianwaldech

    Really nice love the hairy chest and the long cut ... if you want to meet people don&apost hesitate to contact me at

  • Larry

    Nice hairy chest and cock

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