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Joe Jonas

February 12, 2011 - 07:00 AM
Joe Jonas on Guys with iPhones

    i have always jerked off to you in my fantasies. i think ur hot and would love to have wild passionate sex with you.

  • D'bian12

    Sexy!! Amazingly Deliciously Beautiful..YUMMY.. Plz keep posting.. Big fan here!!

  • seal

    Thanks for posting joe :)

  • Kayle

    Your so handsome! Love you Joe

  • joseph

    hi, my name is joseph ( male) i&aposm deaf & aid hearing.
    hey joe jonas , i know do you was thought can her like you cute. i remeber do you be long time at see you and i may can chat online use my Yahoo for u to joe.

    i might as soon moving in orlando, fla new my job Amusement park in 2012 turn the diffines we be miss life was my feel very long time Hollywood had never. i am deaf only use much my hands American Sign Language abc & English. i am and i am strong still almost was i would only me younger men about me cutie. like quiet all love my friendships all great more nice with people hard of hearing & deaf us were good. um like real you make dream hot a guys a male that opeing.
    From Virginia, usa

  • Billy the Strong and WIse

    This is a Jonas Brother? Damn... He sure has changed. Far better looking that he used to be.

  • luis

    You are very handsome

  • Adam

    He his hot iwsh i can see more. man he is a hottie

  • Adam

    He his hot iwsh i can see more. man he is a hottie

  • Ken.Co

    I hope hes the gay one! lol Hes soooooooo Hot!

  • AJay

    Ppl thought Joe Jonas was gay LONG before this pic was posted. *just sayin*

  • Jon Ray

    what are the odds that you could get nick to pose for a pic with you. I mean it wouldn&apost matter if yall are gay straight or bi. Most of your fans wouldn&apost care. and not that I expect n e thing from this but

  • Blake

    No one thinks Joe is gay because he posted his picture on GWIP.

  • Anonymous

    Let&aposs see some shirtless pics in ur underwear;)

  • niceguy

    Yeah it&aposs gotta be him. What a hottie

  • Travis

    There&aposs so many comment for the Sexy Joe Jonas so here&aposs one just to address a comment ON here, Bleuvert I don&apost believe Disney cares they cancelled their show. They may be wrkin w them in the future but still he cld be cursed like me and that cld grow in as little as 2 days. JOE is soooooo sexy though. Hey Joe keep coming w pics.

  • Anonymous

    You are right Paul, they are not all gay. They just enjoy looking at (mostly) hot naked men and like having their picture amongst thousands of gay, horny, sexually charged males who are into other males. Straight men, you gotta love them. Can&apost be with them, can&apost be without em. What&aposs a straigth man anyway? A man before having a few beers!!!!!

  • Guest

    What is wrong with you people? How does posting a pic on GWIP = coming out? Do you think every guy who posts on here is gay??? Well they&aposre not.

  • KevinDee

    Posting his pic on GWIP is definitely going to stop the gay rumors.

  • BentBloke

    Welcome to the party Joe!

  • Beef

    Eh. I remember back when he was hot.

  • chinesesmoothie

    oh ur just so hot

  • babo

    Oh Joe!!! You know, you are the hottest one out of your brothers. You have a certain "je ne sais quoi". You are perfect in every way -drool-

  • Sophie&aposs friend

    Famous or not, that&aposs the wrong tie knot for that tie and collar. Use a full Windsor, not a four-in-hand.

  • sammyk

    Joe Jonas is that you?

  • Lenny

    if AND only you were...
    *le sigh* (

  • maiky

    It&aposs Jo Jonas of jonas Brother &aposs band

  • kc

    the sexy jonas???

  • Bleuvert

    looks like the Jonas guy ....
    but i don&apost think disney allows beard ....


    thanks for coming out, joe.

  • Anonymous

    jonas brother? where art thou&apos?

  • Jean

    Joe Jonas Is So Sexy!!!!!!!!! I&aposm In Love

  • XYZ2

    Hey Joe, Come out come out where ever you are. ;0

  • geezer

    pages of penis and...Joe Jonas. God I&aposm getting old :D

  • Mike

    Joe Jonas! Omg!


    Very handsome!

  • anonymous

    Joe Jonas!!! Gay. Gay. Gay.

  • mike

    ok. you look like a Jonas brother.

  • sundevil00


  • Isn&apost this? A Jonas Bro?
    Regardless, HANDSOME ;)

  • Ryan

    Hello joe

  • O2dag

    You look like Joe Jonas

  • Anonymous

    Damn you are hot. Show us your hairy arms and chest. Come on. Give me some jerk off material

  • me

    joe jonas???

  • eric

    Joe of the Jonas Brothers supports GWIP

  • Hhawaiian

    Jonas brother???

  • RJ

    soo cute!

  • Ryan

    Hey look it&aposs Joe Jonas - I always wonder when there&aposs celebrities on here if they uploaded the pics themselves or if someone else saw the opportunity. I guess we&aposll never know.

    But here&aposs to hoping more pics emerge :)

  • a bit Jonas?

  • Young Neil

    If this is who I think it is then it is time to prep for Celebrity GWiP drama time! Lol... Also nice phone cover! If not... Well... Still nice phone cover..

  • Selena Gomez

    Ha, Joe Jonas finally comes out!

  • Johnny

    JOE JONAS!!!!!!!! I wanna eat that hot ass so freakin bad! You are so hot dude!

  • Sean

    JOE JONAS!!!!!???? What are you doing on GUYS WITH IPHONES

  • John

    Oh hey there Joe

  • Andreas

    you look like joe jonas... back up and let&aposs see how that skinny jacket looks on you.

  • H

    a jonas brother?, wutever, he&aposs cute

  • Drew

    OMG! So cute and handsome.

  • Mac

    Joe Jonas lol

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