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Tyler Torro

February 13, 2011 - 12:00 AM
Tyler Torro on Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon


  • stl

    love the tats the abs the cock and the ass..

  • Geronimo

    Me apasiona semejante herramienta!

  • Gil

    damn i wanna suck all of that perfect veins cock & body

  • ritesh

    hey! Tyler! U have a absolutely sexy body. U r amazing.i am frm south africa. I need to add u to the "big five" here. Keep it up guy! Ur bot head to toe pick.thanks~razor~ritz

  • Ei

    those veins.. gotta loove it!

  • Oscar

    Perfect body, oooh yea

  • Jason

    Tyler Torro and Rod Daily are the sexiest gay porn duo since Brent Everett and Brent Corrigan. That's just my opinion. Agree or disagree. I'm just saying.

  • builtdiesel

    sexy sexy man

  • wyatt

    just fuckin&apos perfection......ggggrrrrr......

  • Dick Ryder

    Yes he his a work of art and I think he may have started out doing straight porn, moved on to gay-for-pay,and now doing total gay porn (which he does well w/ enjoyment!!!!)

  • Anonymous

    Damn he so hot it huts. I hope he does more gay porn with lots of kissing

  • touchmonkey

    Good Lord, it don&apost get any better than that.

  • Jim

    fucking hot, love to suck on ur perfect cock and run my tongue along that vein popping out of ur cock. then ride u til u cream all over my tight ass

  • Anonymous

    Hot! I want that! Video swap if interested hit me up.

  • dan

    Tyler, you got harder in your video with Rod Daily than you did with all those blonde women. Doesn't that say something?

  • Cheshire Cat

    Fantastic body.

  • SunKissed

    Tyler, I hope you realise your blessed!

  • Torsten

    This has to be Tyler Torro again, right?
    His pics here just keep getting better and better. It's hard to imagine a more perfect body than this.

  • JH

    Tyler Torro Looking HOT as ever!!!

  • Exchange Student

    If you're gonna completely worship someone's HOTNESS it's best to be able to spot them even w/o a head (at least one of them). This is SUPER FUCKIN' HOT Tyler Torro and he's mouth watering fine. Tats and all.

  • Nik

    love everything about this guy!

  • Mike

    Much hotter with face : and

  • tim

    u must love the attention. my lips u say uncle
    honestly I would say AMEN

  • l

    mred129 really dude if you can&apost say something nice maybe you should keep your narrow opinion to yourself. If you don&apost like the way he looks move on.

  • Caleb

    Tyler Torro. You. Are. So. Hot.

  • (m)i(ke)Phone

    Mmm, you're as tasty up close.

  • alexis

    Yeah, so you&aposre the "straight" porn worker dude who gets off showing it to the gays. Nice.

  • TyInTenn

    There&aposs a lot there to love and lick!

  • ed

    wow! shoot me a message and let me know how u get that body:)

  • lansex99

    This is just Tyler Torro, he is one of the gay porn star.

  • cha


  • Valkyriez

    I like your body. Very nice. May I....***d c k ?
    Could you please send me this photo with your face ? To "" Thanks.
    Love you.

  • Anonymous

    Love the nuts

  • ge


  • mred129

    why such an incredilble specimen of human nature would schmuck up their body with those tats or any tats just baffles my mind. you work so hard, then you try to paint over the masterpiece. I&aposm sorry but what a shame. don&apost even get me started about the lack of arm & leg hair. :(

  • Anonymous

    Fucking hot!

  • Aamari

    1 of the best so far! Nice Work!

  • Glenn (CA)

    Awesome body, would love to meet you.

  • Garion

    Absolute Perfection!!!

  • brad

    g u r so hot i really would like to know u .ill love to suck u off and let u fuck me hard.drop me a to have u as by bf .

  • Wolf

    Damn hot!!! You&aposre definitely gonna be my workout inspiration.

  • Fuller

    Super hott. Great body. Turn around show is that muscular tight ass

  • Chris

    Nice, nice, nice

  • LEVI

    Damn love those abs

  • Anonymous

    Crazy hot body and nice cock to go with it.

  • j

    oh fuck yeah!! 11 out of 10

  • cock

    yumm i could have some gay fun.

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