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February 17, 2011 - 03:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • daniel

    i wanna be matt just 4 one night!!!

  • tio

    damn you matt!

  • Young Neil

    You have a pet poodle!? You are one very sexy guy with some very peculiar tastes! It kinda makes you even more hot!

  • Andreas

    lucky matt. loving the old school tighty whiteys, keep posting.

  • Dc

    I know this guy. Very nice guy too.

  • Good punctuation! Well done for getting the apostrophe in the right place - a rare event on this site.. Oh, and a lovely body too, by the way.

  • Sean

    What a sexy fucker!!!!

  • Lee

    *sigh* i wish i knew your name...i&aposd be saying it in my dreams tonight! hehehe!!! just adorable....

  • TyInTenn

    Matt you lucky bastard! I hope he fucked you hard when you got home - then held you close all night long!

  • Guest

    SunKissed - LOL! "Sheer brilliance"? Exaggerate much?? A bunch of guys have done pics like this.

  • Davey Wavey

    Close your eyes and call me MATT.... please unplug the dog....

  • tim

    turn around for me, i&aposll pretend to be matt

  • &aposNuff Said

    I bet Matt&aposs one happy camper !!!!!!!

  • steven

    My name&aposs Matt. Yeah, that&aposs it...My name is Matt. I just now changed it!

  • Geronimo

    And the greeting for me? y el saludo para mi, Jore? Gerónimo soy

  • glen

    You are YUMMY!!

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot... love your hairy chest and nice bulge!! Wish I was Matt he&aposs a lucky guy!!

  • SunKissed

    I applaud you for the sheer brilliance of a picture such as this. Bravo, just bravo!

  • Tucker

    Why IS that dog plugged into the wall?

  • PJ

    Damn I wish I was Matt too.

  • a

    Someone is lucky today.

  • Matt

    Thank you! I just wait for you in our place tonight!

  • Longman

    So envy.....

  • Kyleee

    Omg! Make it for me next!

  • robert

    I&aposm willing to change my name to Matt!

  • jy

    Matt&aposs a luck guy! He gets his slut boy. Please take off your underwear.

  • jy

    Matt&aposs a luck guy! He gets his slut boy. Please take off your underwear.

  • Anonymous

    Damn.. Matt is one lucky dude!!!

  • Allan

    Matt is one lucky guy!!!!

  • Mike

    Lucky Matt! Can I have one also!?

  • timber

    i would rather it be for *me*.

  • lydbckgy

    why is the dog plugged into the wall ?

  • werebrett

    Matt is one lucky guy!! Well done!

  • Ben

    Wish I were Matt

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