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Chris Porter

February 23, 2011 - 02:30 PM
Chris Porter on Guys with iPhones
  • Ryan

    Looking swell, Mr. Porter! ;-)

  • James

    Would love to be fucked by this stud. Don&apost say that often but picturing that is getting me hard.

  • max

    i&aposm always amazed at how much judgment a little ink brings out of people. obviously you look GREAT and you know it.

  • Bluejay

    Most definitely going to cast you in my porno biopic of Billie Joe Armstrong. Hope you can sing and play the guitar.

  • Brian

    pants on the ground pants on the ground all i want to see is pants on the ground
    keeping the pics coming

  • KC

    Everything about you is so fucking hot. Just looking at you makes me horny. Love your body, tats, face, and attitude. HOT MAN! You look like you&aposd be very aggresive and fun in bed. :)

  • Cooper

    Your Ink is Awesome! Total Stud!

  • Anonymous

    Cute and I love the tatts! I want to see it all!

  • j

    god damn Chris Porter...i cannot get enough of that unbelievably sexy body. much love from your #1 fan!

  • Apollo

    Im not normally into tats, but on you they look sexy as hell! I&aposve seen your pics all over this site but only 1x did you almost show it all, stop teasin and start showing!

  • Peter8ter

    You are no longer to be trusted to pick your own tats.

  • Brad Westerly

    WOW you are excellent. The tats rock.

  • Brian

    You&aposre very cute... great body and love your nipples!!

  • sammyk

    Not understanding the need to "ruin" a beautiful body with all that ink.

  • Anonymous

    Great body, wish you didn&apost have all those tattoos.

  • Trey

    Sexy, long, lean body. And some delicious looking nipples. Two thumbs up, for sure! ;)

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