Guys With iPhones

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February 28, 2011 - 12:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Hotdusman

    wow... wanna suck it

  • James

    very impressive! would love to feel that monsta deep in my throat!

  • Anonymous

    burp it and send it home!!!!

  • ralph

    send me some of your cum

  • S&M

    I can handle that bad boy no problem..

  • andrewdarwinnt

    Just Correct

  • SXLR


  • Aamari

    Nice....looks familar

  • jonny0610


  • Geronimo

    A great snake! that fear!

  • Jim

    fuck me all day and night with that monster cock and gag me with it when u are about to cum

  • Hrod

    Can I have a piece of this

  • MB

    Now thats a long cock. Would love to see it hard and in my ass


    wow!! that is 1 incredibly huge cock. I would love to try to deep throat that .

  • mikey

    Does it ever get REALLY hard? I imagine that it&aposs impossible to stick straight up... just too damn heavy. Unfortunately, I&aposd take a 5 incher over this any day.

  • tj

    May God Bless P H O T O S H O P !!!

  • rick

    5......5 dollar.......5 dollar foot loooooong, lol. That thing must give you back problems

  • Brian

    OMG your cock is hot... love to take that up the ass!!

  • River Doode

    Looks like a photoshop job to me.

  • impressed

    can&apost imagine having that monster and going though high school. No way to hide that when it&aposs hard.

  • mark

    nice, very nice come on over and let me make that cock feel soooooo good.. would love to swallow that cock to the balls as your shooting a hot sweet load, Damn!

  • Anonymous

    WTF! My ass is throbbing and hurting just looking at that huge fucking cock of yours.

  • KS.

    Horses with iPhones

  • zippydoda

    holy sheit .. i wanna sit on now

  • denny

    love to deep throat a foot long , mighty fine slab of meat you have there my friend

  • q188r


  • Operator

    Call me

  • Dude18

    How big is that? Wow and age?

  • P.Nisnv

    OMG that thing is huge !!!!! Waaaay more than a mouthful & assful !!!!!! :() :()

  • rondeux

    hopefully you have decided for a career in porn

  • im in love

  • hb

    oh my!! is that real? wowzers.

  • Brian

    Wow. So unexpected. Can you say hung? You should be so proud.

  • Erik

    Holy shit!!! That is one long big cock. I want some of that

  • Ari

    Nice fucken Cock, Bro.

  • Ace


    I&aposd like to see that one when it&aposs fully hard! :D

  • the poet

    damn thats long! very nice papa

  • robert

    omfg! is that for real!?

  • timmytiptoes

    Sooo glad I am a bottom.
    And he is not even hard and standing or would you have passed out with that much blood rushing to attention??

  • timm

    SOOO happy I am not a bottom!!!!
    it aint even standing or do you pass out when he stands up?

  • Davey Wavey

    Well, HELLO!

  • Apple Fan

    if this is for real.... Wow

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