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February 28, 2011 - 06:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • rirhi

    gute face

  • mark

    want to feel his beard, I would make love with him anytime day and night whenever he wants, would love to see that cobra
    Guys wanna have fun, I&aposm 24yrs cute, sexy guy. Add me

  • dirtyboy

    You remind me of an ex that was such a good kisser and absolutely amazing in bed. Very sexy... More, please!

  • Anonymous

    must be some horny old men out there to think this is hot!

  • jm

    Is this guy hot? Hell, yes!

  • bellerophon

    Effing Adorable!

  • Donnie

    Show us more! I can&apost get over you!

  • James

    Speechless. I know it&aposs such a corny statement...but I literally have no words to describe you. Looking very good my man.

  • JW

    Dark Good the lips....would like to see those eyes.........

  • mt


  • niceguy

    Wow, you&aposre beautiful

  • Adrian

    You are soo sexy!....yum :)

  • Sozo

    wow drop dead gorgeous!

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