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Aaron Renfree

(from S Club 8)

February 28, 2011 - 02:05 PM
Aaron Renfree on Guys with iPhones
  • Navyboi

    Why is he wearing a nappy?

  • jo

    DAMN, if ken were real i think he would be you :)

  • I&aposm not easily ipmersesd. . . but that&aposs impressing me! :)

  • owen

    its Aaron Renfree from UK pop groug S CLUB JUNIORS (no longer together)

  • OMG this guys is Aaron Renfree from S Club 8 ... I Can&apost he is SOO HOT i love him!!!

  • Mr.Templar

    Orange you a bit too tanned?

  • Josef_Monstah

    Are you over tanned, or is the white ab-accentuating makeup making you look that way? You&aposre cute. You dont need special effects.


    He photo shopped part of the abs and lower half from lady gaga&aposs act from the grammy&aposs i think. Great face and i think you were messing around would love to see the real you

  • Josh!

    Clearly, that is make up. Bro, you have a charming face and nice body. No need to try so hard. Now go take a shower and brush out your hair.

  • Kevin

    is this body make-up? something seems off.

  • pooky

    nice i like your brief...

  • DB

    Jesus pants? Get em off! :p

  • James

    Nice. Now let&aposs see the ass and cock.

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