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February 28, 2011 - 07:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Anonymous

    Oh my god eat me!!!!!!

  • You have my dream body! Jesus Christ ;) SO hot.

  • alex s

    I&aposd love to see you ass!

  • Anonymous

    You look like a real fuckin nice guy... Lol- lame comment- but you already know your hot.

  • Matt

    So very fine :)

  • derics

    OooMmmmGaaadd...its Dizzle dude:) nice one..!

  • David J

    BIG and beefy! Fuckin&apos sexy dude! :)

  • Zed

    holy crap. rape me now.

  • Chris

    Cute smile from a hunk!

  • joe

    One more thing. I don&apost know about anyone else, but there is something about a guy who can grow a full beard, and has a smooth chest. I don&apost know what it is, but insta-hard on whenever I see it.

  • John W

    OMG! The perfect man! Solid body with a handsome face and amazing smile.

  • joe

    Damn! I want some of that!

  • arizonaboy

    stop adding more clothes! your supposed to take your clothes off! hehe

  • Anonymous

    I like it !!! You&aposre hawt !!!! Show us what you got baby !

  • tommy

    fukin beautiful dude completely sexy keep them coming

  • Jimbo

    YUM! Beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    WOOF!! More please!

  • Jim

    very hot, love to have some fun with u stud

  • Tommy

    Wow, you are one humpy cute hunk of man! You look great, and such a cute smile!

  • Ertai2

    Big and beefy. Very nice!

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