Guys With iPhones

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February 28, 2011 - 11:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • James

    Love to see the face and you are total perfection?

  • KG

    Hot dick. And I love your room.

  • Hannah

    That&aposs a sexy ass cock if I had u with me I would suck u and let u fuck me till I can&apost take no more i love that dick I want it inside me right now so bad

  • brandyn

    omg u must fuck me i need a big cock in my tight ass

  • Mason

    u can top me anytime x hit me up at

  • Gil

    want to suck that till it blow!

  • mark

    I would love to put that hung cobra anytime in my mouth whenever you want
    guys wanna have fun, I&aposm 25 yrs cute, sexy guy Add me

  • primebeef

    Motherfuck baby. I want to see some more photos of u big time. Lets trade some pics too.

  • Pic Poster

    haha thanks for all the fun comments. I&aposm a top who occasionally bottoms and it&aposs a little over 9.5" fully hard. @will, you win for the most hilarious comment.

  • Bryan

    This is epic

  • chrstphrrr

    you look a lot like Donald Glover. hot

  • &aposNuff Said

    @sammyk, why are you assuming that he&aposs a guess is that if he is truly a bottom,wouldn&apost he show his ass instead??!! It would be truly a shame for all that dick to be wasted !!!!!!!! ;)

  • Nice Cock i would love one like that.

  • datdlboy03

    Damn bro you got dick fasho!!!

  • brian-in-ms

    would love to see you completely hard. how long is it anyway.

  • IceT


  • InShockandAwe

    don&apost trip

  • D Cakezzz

    Yes, please, I would LOVE some!!

  • Jason

    Very nice, looks like a third leg really! Lol take the shirt off so we can get a better look next time. :)


    Beautifull piece of a man..... *dreaming?* Nice legs, all three legs... ;-) Would love to see it and play with you for real! *hug*


    what a long beautiful dong. Love to try that on for size

  • Noah

    I love chocolate...

  • Glenn (CA)

    You could ?uck me and choke me all at the same time. I appreciate a nice tool of that size.

  • markymark

    @ will.....roflmao

  • Jim

    hot cock, u can fuck me with that big cock any day

  • Anon

    sammyk sounds a little jealous.

  • butchie

    I will be over shortly to lay on that foot rest/side table and let you put one on me...That is one nice dick....

  • Will

    Quick! Give it a peanut!

  • DB

    You could drill for oil with that thing!

  • Drew

    So hot:) hit me up:)

  • Polt

    Careful with that thing, you could put someone&aposs eye out!

  • mark

    old saying is true.. young, hung and i bet full of cum.. please show us the cum baby!

  • Anonymous

    Yo was good I like the pic I would like for you to holla at me would like to suck and sit on that dick use shore can get it hit me up at

  • rw

    would love to meet *both* of you in person ;)

  • sammyk

    Why is it ALWAYS the bottoms that have the biggest dicks???

  • Geronimo

    Very interesting! Very nice!

  • Anonymous

    You need to register that thang...its a legal weapon !

  • Michael

    More more more?!?!?! There, I begged for it. That is a yummy looking cock and it&aposs pretty much making me drool

  • the poet

    verrrrry nice!

  • lamonday

    yes daddy u the one for my money

  • Balthazar

    GOOD LAWD A&aposMIGHTY! It both intrigues me and frightens me at the same time! LOVE IT!!

  • Real

    Your shit looks like it would stab the hell out of someone

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