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February 28, 2011 - 07:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Steve

    Leave Britney alone!!

  • beastwithin

    Wild! I agree with the shaving your head the down part though..

  • Anonymous

    You give me nightmares

  • mark

    I think you&aposre hot, fuck the trolls that critisize you...

  • rick

    Oh shit, it&aposs Chris Crocker! LEEEEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HaHa

    Michael Jackson is back from the dead!

  • JDM

    Fuck em, stay fabulous girl.

  • Roberto

    Scary, is what comes to mind.....

  • dirtyboy

    Such a hot lean little body, and you have perfect teeth, which is always a turn on. Can&apost wait for you to lose the undies. More, please!

  • mikey

    Clipper the hair and don&apost sneer and you&aposd be cute.

  • Anonymous


  • ESI 123

    Damn near perfection... Definitely can&apost wait for the reveal!

  • UncleRobbie

    Sexy boy! I want that cock!

  • JW

    Hmmm, he&aposs actually cute....if he&aposd cut out the funny poses and...he&aposs got a nice little body !

  • Stan

    Daddy needs to shave your head and pubes, bare your bottom and spank you like the bad little boy that you are.

  • Jobi

    nice, i think your hot, so get naked

  • chilldude

    Nice body, I think you would be super hot if you shaved off their hair.

  • Emilio

    I like your pics and style. If you ever read these comments you should ht me up

  • Me

    All the rainbows and unicorns in the universe couldn&apost bring the gay back out of me after seeing that.

  • Rich

    Oh yey! Ke$ha is on GWIP!

  • cubano

    are you uncut ?

  • Ramiro

    Very hot.

  • Draco

    Yay I missed you! Now where is the ass?

  • Anonymous

    do not quit your day job!!

  • markanthony

    still cute. i love the septum piercing bring it back lol!

  • jm


  • Phillop

    Your grandma got some groovy looking wallpaper.

  • homer

    the wallpaper is. . . less frighting

  • Robert

    yummy, nice bulge, nice pubes, hot little body

  • Luxoflux

    Instant boner kill. Truly a face only a mother could love. You are the embodiment of disgusting.

  • sammyk

    Well at least the nose ring is out!

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