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March 6, 2011 - 07:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • touchmonkey

    And we have a winner!!!!! In my personal Hall of Fame...

  • Jake

    Please please please post more pictures :-)

  • ironman

    hit me up, this is me:

  • b_talk2006

    As you can see you are already sezy as hell, the tat and the fact that your a Marine......THAT MUCH HOTTER

  • Mi

    Thanks for your service for the country, now how about I sevice you!!!

  • jarednavy

    Holy damn. Hot healthy dude!! Sweet tattoo.

  • NIce PIc... Marines All The Way... MArine here from The STumps.... hit me up on ( And anyone else of course

  • David

    Wow, wow, wow very hot and marine even sexier

  • juan koyoc

    Wow OMG you are so hot and sexi man ahhhhh so beautiful jejejeje

  • @AlexAndrewAZ

    So fucken sexy :) Military?

  • Kevin09

    Of course you got a great body but your face, and your look are delicous too and I guess the other things we can&apost see are not bad either.
    Plus, you seem to be a sweet guy.
    I wish one day i&aposll find the dream boy with the all package like you...maybe you!^^ Dreaming is always allowed.^
    Anyway, if one day you come in France, tell me, i&aposll be glad to be your guide!
    Bonne chance pour l&aposavenir.

  • D.A.

    As a former Marine....I admire your courage.
    Semper Fi!!!

  • Matty

    Anybody can get a tattoo. Doesn&apost mean a thing.

    Wanna impress me? Show us that cock instead. The guy in the picture next to yours did, and I bet yours isn&apost as big. So, prove it.

  • toby

    Dude, you are beautiful x

  • Zack

    I wanna lick that tatt, then kiss those lips while riding your juicy cock

  • As good as it gets!!!

  • Kalen

    Damnnnn fine. Hit me up.
    Love me some marine. :)

  • David

    Great body and as cute a face as I&aposve ever seen. Thanks for serving.

  • &apos&aposNuff Said

    The few,the proud & the sexxy !!!!! :)

  • pstone

    fffffffffffuck. me.

  • Kevin

    you make me feel VERY patriotic.

  • Sko

    Everything about you is great. Great eyes, face, body.

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot... love to lick you all over!

  • chris

    Thanks for serving our country iam guessing with the tat your a marine. I have a lot of friends in armed forces. Don&apost know if your bi str8 etc but with that body and look you will be a heartbreaker. Iam sure everything else you have in fine as well. Good luck in your career and future man semper fi

  • Scott are so incredibly hot!

  • EJ

    Hello BOYFRIEND!! I wanna do bad things to you! Damn.

  • dtic123

    wow - i so want to pull those pants off him!

  • JoeSwimDive

    yew are sooososo swimmerboyxo

  • John

    O munster jeebus!!! Perfect shadowing for your perfect bod!!

  • LadyRobRob

    I like you.

  • Anonymous

    Uh rah marine corps. Devil doc here. Email me at

  • Anonymous

    Semper Fi my brother...looking good

  • Parusia

    The few, the proud, The gay marine with I phone :)

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