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March 29, 2011 - 09:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • D

    oh just looking made me hard enough to rip my boxers, message meplease, let&aposs just talk, as friends, i&aposd like to get to know the person behind the camera

  • mikey

    I love when guys just pull out their cocks... So that makes this even hotter... even if you weren&apost already smoking hot!

  • JP

    Wow. I would lose my virginity to you, dude.

  • lil dave

    fantastic furry chest and love that cock hanging out too - if I walked in there now I would be right on my knees and sucking you off!!!!!

  • twistedchef

    Double WOOF!

  • Such gorgeous hairy pecs! Sensational! And that magnificent tool is what dreams are made of. You lucky critter.

  • Aki

    So sexy

  • Romain

    You are back ! Thank you for this new pick !

  • K.M.B.O.M.T.

    could never give you up for Lent

  • Anonymous


  • rgncajun

    Perfect body. Perfect build. Perfect amount of hair. Oh and not a bad cock, either.;-)


    Yes! - THIS is WHY I LOVE I-PHONE!!!


    Omg you are sexy as fuck. Love that big thick cock. Your hairy chest is amazing. I would love to lick you all over.

  • john in atl

    this pic of you is so damn sexy. You win the blue ribbon baby!

  • &apos&aposNuff Said

    Sexxy,sexxy,sexxy white jeans & all !!!!!!! :)

  • Musicman7

    Amazing chest and love your body hair! Hot cock too!

  • felix

    Wow, this is so hot. If only you were uncut, you&aposd be perfect.

  • Rubio

    I concur with Todd. I am an ass man, but your pics (regardless of body part) are amazing.

  • Wolf

    Woof!! Hot fur and muscle.

  • CrazySkills

    omg, the body of my dreams..

  • glen

    Jore, always a fav!

  • InShockandAwe

    OMG.. the hairy body that lovely cock and the commando presentation .. WOW I wanna suck it

  • IDK

    Looking hot papi


    Bravo! A nice dick, lovely body with fuzz all over... keep doing what you are doing and stay the hell away from a razor

  • kevin


  • Brian

    You&aposre hot!! Love your hairy chest and beautiful thick cock... love to get my lips around your cock and get a taste of it!

  • marc

    Nice like the thickness

    in L.A

  • CJ

    Wow, nice dick to
    Great meat

  • x

    Nice furry chest.
    Nice tittys.
    Nice cock.

  • JoshS

    The only thing that could make this pic better is less clothing. Totally hot... there&aposs just about nothing I wouldn&apost let you do to me and vice versa.

  • Joey

    I&aposd be hiding my face wearing White Jeans too...

  • Anonymous

    Jore, I&aposm so glad you decided to grow in the hair. it&aposs so manly and sexy. hope you keep it :-)

  • Todd

    Even hidden behind a hat and camera, I&aposd know that face anywhere! And seeing your beautiful dick leaves no doubt! Where have you been, handsome? I&aposve missed seeing you! Please start posting daily again!!

  • Andrew

    YUM! YUM! YUM! Love that thick cock and marvelous hairy chest. YUM!

  • eddy

    o my god swoon

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