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March 31, 2011 - 05:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Oh yeah

    What a whopper. I'd ride that all day

  • werner

    Most beautiful body and package ever seen! Thanks for sharing, you&aposve made my day

  • Gottie86

    I agree about it. Gorgeous pack.

  • Peter

    Id like to suck on those nipples and then lick my way down that sexy treasure trail!

  • Anonymous

    That&aposs hot bro

  • David

    Hey Eric, it truly is the eigth wonder of the world but you also seem really nice in general, if you wanna talk (even just as friends) message me at, it&aposd be great

  • Edgar

    Hey Erik, do you ever come to Buenos Aires?

  • brad

    I got his sperm guys...cock like that...lots and lots of cum. Im so hard now...if i had i phone i would post....gonna shoot my load over this hottie!!

  • Richard Chaser

    oh Eric, you need to date guys -- you would never have a problem with complaints. You would NEVER go home unhappy.

  • Steve

    Wish you&aposd post some full body cock n face shots man cause that cock is awsome!

  • joe

    Erik...been reading the comments...your such a great guy...inside and to U.S.A. you be most could stay with me...:)
    Would like to see more thanks for the post...they are great..

  • Sef

    Damn... How many inches is that piece of muscle???

  • Paulinho

    Erick, também tenho problemas com meu penis grande, me add pra trocar experiencias... LOL
    és de onde?
    Brasileiros, me adicionem no msn:
    Acho o site foda!

  • Clark

    Not only do you have a great cock, you&aposve got a great body, too! Nice work! :)

  • Mark

    Hey erik I want u to add me on msn and my e-mail is I live in Cayman Island
    And I love men like u that have big dick please contact me on 0115049286736 please I would love to fuck with you

  • Ramon

    I definitively would wish to have him for Christmas and even new year. What a dick!

  • element_lad


  • RCM


  • jakee

    oh santa i know what i want for christmas

  • Erik

    @Onmyknees, thanks man!! I'll think about it! hehe

    @''Nuff Said, I'll post more as soon as I can. thanks!

    @Jaison, Thank you, btw I am in Brazil.

    @vicent, Ok. Next picture I'll show more of that! hehe

    @ebay, Thank you so much ebay! I do appreciate your comment. I'm not in SP now. I'm somewhere between Recife and Maceió.

    @Geronimo, what's the point in posting something that is not you?

    @JoshB!, I tryed it once, but I can't!! It's all about flexibility. ;)

    @Matty/, thank you guys!

    @Will, video?! that is a good idea, but without my face there... :)

    @everyone, thank you so much for all the comments here!

  • Will

    Erik.. can we have a jerk off video next time? is it too much to ask?

  • Pedro

    Damn! Bigger is better!

  • scottie

    id compliment you like the others erik. but i dont want you to get a swelled head. oh wait--its already swelled up. you are so fucking hot!

  • Jack

    Quite an eye catcher.

  • Joe Phipps

    You&aposre incredibly HOT, I&aposm not. Thanks for sharing, it made me very happy and excited.


    Omg dude you are fuckin amazing. I love all your pics. That is such a beautiful thick cock.

  • fisher

    those chest hair....damn

  • Anonymous

    Erik... YOU are a fucking god! face pic????

  • OMG - Erik - pics are fabulous and agreed, would love a face pic to see who this great body is attached to. BTW - what are the orange briefs? I loved them too ...

  • Matty

    This is just NOT OK!!!! Man of my dreams here in this pic! Thanks Erik for sharing with us! Xoxo

  • JoshB!

    Um Fuck you Erik for being so beautiful! Just out of curiosity you ever try sucking it? I would.


  • Kyle8

    Erik, your body and cock are just beautiful. I would love to play with it and attempt to suck it.

  • bostonseal

    Erik/stud you have a beautiful body, great chest hair, and a huge perfectly shaped cock. There are many men (including me) that would love to do anything you want including get fucked - and I would NOT complain - lots of lube and drive all night!!! Wow!!

  • Geronimo

    Photohop! very nice artist!

  • Roberto

    Holy Monster cock, Batman!

  • ebay

    Erik! I am getting a flight now to Brazil? Are you in Sao Paulo? You are great guy! Not just because of your huge cock but for keeping us wanting you more... :) Thanks man. email me

  • vicent

    Erik - i know that everybody here loves your HUGE cock, but please, show your
    hairy ass next, please? God I&aposm sure it&aposs pretty, judging by the sculptural body and impressing dick you have.

  • KylePosh

    Love that hairy chest!

  • Jaison

    Erik - you have a insane COCK mate. Where are you? If you ever come to San Francisco, ping me on Ref: GWIP. HOT MATE HOT!!

  • Chris

    Nice dick !
    Marry me ♡♡♡

  • ME

    As always Erik you are SUPER HHHOOOTTT!!!

  • Brian de Texas

    Erik: Goddamn, you&aposre fucking hot. I have no clue how much of that awesome cock I could actually fit in my mouth, but god I&aposd have fun trying.

  • john in atl

    Dude I&aposve got money!! What ever it takes I want to love you!!

  • MV

    Fuck Me!

  • Saco

    shit! why mine is not like that?! and hey, erik got a beautiful body! 100% agreed with onmyknees. this is the hottest guy on gwip ever!

  • gray

    FUCK ME!!! can&apost believe my eyes!!! hall of fame right now!!! Erik you are soooo fucking HOT!

  • Anonymous

    damn, big meat!

  • &apos&aposNuff Said

    Erik my friend, you have been truly blessed !!!!! Can&apost wait to see your other pics !!!!! ;D

  • Onmyknees

    Erik!!!!! Ive been checking out your pics! The hottest on this site! Amazing! That hairy chest, those biceps and then that cock!! You should do a video and sell it, or open a website!!!

  • Anonymous

    DAMN!fuck me!!!

  • Erik

    That's right guys, that is me again!

    Here are the other pics:

    Thank you guys!

  • Erik: Right on, man!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! (Even better than a Speedo!!)

  • a

    That is a giant piece of meat. Love the chest and everything else.

  • Lane

    Now that&aposs a real cock!! I want to see more!

    hall of famer!!

  • Noah

    Insane!! But I bet i can handle it :)

  • wyatt

    oh my i&aposm in love......ggggrrrrrrr........

  • Milo

    Who is this Erik person? and where can we see more of him??

  • InShockandAwe

    Erik .. Erik ... love the hairy chest, the body and that terrific cock is a show stopper

  • kaio

    completamente delicioso. Pica maravilhosa.

  • joe

    Damn! Hot body and hot cock.

  • Jp

    Very nice

  • Pat

    oh my GOD!

  • apple-fan

    Let&aposs not only focus on that mighty dick.... the rest is also worth it....

  • cpw

    Sweet geezus! What a body... and huge cock!

  • jerseyboy

    DAMN! made my mouth water.....would love to service that for you!!!

  • cyclist

    that&aposs several handfuls!

  • Anonymous

    Bloody hell!

  • twistedchef

    Holy Shit! Where are you???

  • LadyRobRob

    That&aposs a nice piece of meat!! I want a taste.

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