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March 31, 2011 - 05:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Evans

    Erick...Fuck me man!!I can suck your dick and after you fuck my ass...Please!

  • Erik, tell me you&aposre ugly! No one can be that perfect! Too bad you aren&apost gay, or bi, or try-sexual... ;)

  • adam

    lets chat. email me.

  • david

    Hey Eric, it truly is the eigth wonder of the world but you also seem really nice in general, if you wanna share more photos or talk just as friends message me at

  • Anonymous

    Damn...fuck me PLEASE!

  • Clark

    Friggin hot! I&aposd love to smell those shorts after you&aposve worn them! ;)

  • Clark

    Erik, you have without a doubt the best penis on here!

  • valas

    Erik: your cock is perfect and your body is awesome! Thank u for that picture, I hope I can see more pics or videos. :)

  • jhon

    please erik that would be great

  • Erik

    @Sam Worth, I did not want to publish that photo, but one day I thought, hey it is not that bad! hehe During Carnival? Nothing beyond the ordinary. :)

    @Marcus/Jhon, a video jacking off and cumming?! hehehe I don't know, but I will think about it. ;)

  • Thanks for the 4/9/11 shot, Erik. You look great, as always, and I can&apost wait for MORE!!!! Are you getting any action during Carnivale?

  • jhon

    i agree with marcus :)

  • @ERIK hey i know so many people would like you to do a vid of you jacking off and cumming please gaytube is a good website

  • Erik

    Thank you very much guys!

    @Art, hehe somebody here told me something like that! hehe

    @xapji, Not a promise, but I'll try it.

    @ebay, thank you my loyal fan! hehe Ok. I don't drink alcohol or drinks like coke... however, I'll take a picture with something like that next to me just to help you to compare.

    @iDick, thanks!! ;)

    @Fab, hehe I will show some of my ass and I will be there in a couple of days!

  • brian

    Erik when you&aposve got it you&aposve got it sir you got it going on thanks for the pics

  • Fab

    @Erik, it&aposs time for you to show your ass! And what about a quick visit to Rio?

  • iDick

    thats an awesome dick, just awesome....thanks for the reminder links...they are good to see again. I&aposm so hard and horny this the best guy on here! KEEP POSTING PLEEEEASE!

  • david in chgo

    erik-even if your big thick cock was stuffed in your pants, i&aposd be in awe of your outstanding torso. you are THE MAN!

  • ebay

    Erik nice of you to show us your cock.. but you also have a great body... i am now your biggest fan! what&aposs your measurement? or could you show us how big it is next to a beer can? :)

  • KylePosh

    Your chest is BEAUTIFUL! Just the right amount of hair and muscle!

  • xapji

    Cum shot next Erik?

  • glen

    WOOF Erik!!

  • Art

    @Erik: Do you realize that if you were with a guy there would be NO complaints about your size like (many) women have. Lol just sayin.

  • Erik

    How are you guys? Well, here are the other pics:

    Thank you guys!

  • Mo

    Fuck me!!! Mmm I want that shoved in my mouth and ass.

  • Everything is better with Erik in my life!

  • wyatt

    perfection sir.......damn hott......thanks for sharing

  • InShockandAwe

    I&aposm sure I have seen that cock before and it is wonderful

  • Biff

    Me thinks it&aposs our Brazilian friend again. Damn boy that&aposs a beautiful cock!

  • Anonymous

    delícia... Muito gostoso você.

  • JP

    I could put your dick inside my mouth all day long if you let me.

  • Anonymous

    where are u?

  • cyclist

    damn! that&aposs just awesome!

  • LadyRobRob

    Nice dick.

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