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March 31, 2011 - 09:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Great choice of briefs and with the pouch front which appears to be fashionable nowadays.  I have a few pairs of this style myself, including Christians.  Nice lean-toned bod too.

  • Saco

    @Aussie guy, haha I thought I knew all your pictures! :( I posted the reminder links on the last (or one of the last) picture you show us. This time I wish I did the right thing! haha Erik has the biggest dick I&aposve ever seem for a white guy and besides that he is very cute and kind. He talks to us all the time. I&aposm sure you both are the hottest men on here. You know your body is simply perfect and natural. Your body, shape and colors do so much for me. Post more please!

  • Aussie guy

    Haha Saco, you&aposve missed a few and my face pics :-)

    Erik is one big boy. Very hot!

    I&aposd hate to think what damage he has done with his tool or hasn&apost done. Getting it in would be a big issue for many!

    I&aposm 33 and 5&apos9".

    I dont want the pics to get too boring. Time to be a little more adventurous!

    Really enjoying this site. I take my hat off to the creator. Great way to generate some $$ with such a big following. Very smart :-) Not to mention the hot current eye candy!

    Thanks for all the compliments boys. Having fun!

  • Saco

    I do love two guys here on GWIP. One of them is Erik ( - you can find more pics of him there). The other one is Aussie guy (the guy on the pic above). You can see why just looking at the picture above. His body is just perfect as Michelangelo's David is. Check out more of him:

    @Aussie guy never stop posting! I do love looking at you. BTW, how tall are you and, if it is not a problem, how old are you?

  • K

    keep the fur coming! nothing makes me hornier than making out with a guy like you!

  • Andreas

    nice, you wear those andrew christians very well. and you look good out of them too. keep posting.

  • chase

    never thought AC made briefs for huge cocks, proof is damn sure in Those, Wonderful body , Sweet monster cock

  • Chester

    show us the face and then i&aposll cum

  • Geronimo

    Beautiful!!!!! More, please!

  • Cloud Atlas

    Fit briefs ;)

  • Looking for fur

    Stay away fromthe RAZOR please, the hair growing back in is HOTTTTT!!!!

  • LadyRobRob

    I am all for sexxxiii ass guys wearing sexxxiii ass briefs and you sir are very sexxxiii ass.

  • aj

    if anyone knws which ac brief that is can u let me knw or if mr gwip u wonna tell me please do!!! u can let me knw here

  • aj

    he is dam sexy in both pics love a guy in a brief!!!!hit me up if u wont.

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