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March 31, 2011 - 09:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • James

    good on u mate! Your right there.

  • &apos&aposNuff Said

    Hey @Aussie guy, you may not have much of an ass , but you sure got one helluva dick !!!!!! :)

  • aj

    aussie guy is teasing us he needs to show that cute face tooo!!!

  • PJ

    Simply delicious, everything, the muscles, the chest hair, the big hard cock...mmm...

  • scottie

    oh aussie guy, i remember that butt shot and wanted to see the front so much. thank you.

  • K

    that is one fine bod. love the hair, love the muscles, and of course that nicely shaped cock. so many things i want to do to you and that cock. fuck.

  • Red_Light

    When&aposs our date?


    Damn dude you are sexy as fuck. What a beautiful cock and body you have. And I love your ass that pic is super hot.

  • Aussie guy

    Thanks for the comments guys :-). Love this site! @ Baby bear, yeah, my ass isn't massive. Time to start training legs :-). Check it out

  • Baby Bear

    @goldi, I agree if you&aposre taking about his cock, but his ass is too small!

  • goldilocks

    not too big.....not too small.....just right

  • FunNFurryOtter

    absolutely incredible! you are exactly the kind of man that comes to me (and cums on me) in my dreams! that chest is *amazing*!!!!

  • q188r

    i need a stiff cock - tail


    That&aposs perfect.

  • Chester

    that will literally slide so easily down my throat. just stick it in baby.

  • david in chgo

    luv these profile shots! they make my mouth water!

  • Geronimo

    Se ve delicioso! Muy rico daddy! puedo chupar? me permites mamar?

  • BentBloke

    It&aposs not my own saying I will admit but it totally applies... FURFECTION

  • Chris

    Marry me !!!

  • SanFMickey

    Where do you live?!

  • Rick

    omg, i would do that one, fantastic!!!

  • Cloud Atlas

    Lovely cock ;)

  • InShockandAwe

    love that hairy body and what a beautiful cock and ball presentation ... damn I should be there sucking you now

  • glen


  • gjm

    Just fine!

  • horned

    I want this. now. Perfection.

  • pat

    Great cock!!!! I&aposd love to spend some quality time with that big boy in my mouth!

  • Eric

    A 10!

  • Logan

    Dude, you are so fine. Feed me anywhere, anytime. I&aposd swallow that uncut monster whole.

  • Jayson

    Mmm So sexy. Love the body hair. And of course what&aposs below it. Email

  • dan

    fucking hot bro

  • aj

    nice cock!!!!

  • DD

    Yes please ...... Very horny .... Nice cock

  • Anonymous

    I love it...I am drooling

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