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Cavin Knight

April 17, 2011 - 02:05 PM
Cavin Knight on Guys with iPhones
  • Jason

    You're so hot Cavin love it when you post here THANKS!

  • bigjock

    First he is not even hard so the size queens can back off. Cavin Knight is one hot dude. I can not believe the crap people say in the comment sections.

  • Jim

    I never get tired of looking at this man.

  • peter

    somebody&aposs gotta take this dude&aposs iphone away! Like enough already!!

  • Florida

    I would just like to see someone say something positive and not judge someone else&aposs tapestry.

  • Doug

    Can I borrow that red striped shirt for prom?

  • Rick

    Seriously, you guys who say sh@t about peircings and tats are just looking to bitch. This guy is hot.

  • joe

    good looking guy, but dude ur a little old for the eyebrow piercing

  • R4bbit

    Ahh...that&aposs tiny!

  • Jim

    Cavin Knight u are sooooo fucking hot. i want to suck ur cock and get fucked by u so badly

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone is a size queen - The Truth. This guy is hot.

  • Anonymous

    Just remember, those who are quick to complain about someone have a small penis probably means they&aposre jealous, and/or don&apost realize that dicks tend to GROW when excited ;-)

  • paul uk

    to the truth post you are very wrong he is perfect i would love him in my bed size isnt important

  • the truth

    How is this guy doing porn with a penis like that? Was he kicked out of the marines and then decided to do porn because there was nothing else to do?

  • Red_Light

    I love it when you get naked.

  • Partyone

    I could look at you nude all day!

  • Size queen

    hahahaha you size queens!! haha,,, hey,, wait a minute,, are u talking about me???

  • ScottyP.

    @dreamer, you are dreaming. This guy is perfect! His cock is the "right" size for a normal male. You size queens just don&apost get it.

  • dreamer

    the gorilla arms only make the cock look that much smaller...

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot.. great body and beautiful cock!!

  • leon

    ur so perfect!!!!!!!

  • jeff

    i love you so much!!!!!!!!

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