Guys With iPhones

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April 30, 2011 - 07:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • cool pic

  • nigel

    my fantasy...damn its hot!!



  • Maslin

    ALRIGHT!!! this!. THIS- is the kind o&apos thing you hope to find- by mistake, of course[ ;) ]- in a Workout/Gym?Locker room shot! And you bet your A$$ I&aposll take it as a set-up!

    AND, when the dude is HOT, to boot,.
    bud, you&aposve just made my day! Thanks! ;)

  • scottie

    very nice. you want me to spot you while youre doing sit ups?

  • T

    Dude, fricken HOT!! I wish more guys would get this creative when they submit their workout shots. I&aposm going back to find more snaps of you now!! Thanx for the peak-a-boo tease

  • The Last Word

    Nice peeka boo

  • niceguy

    Gorgeous dude

  • milo

    oh man this is so sexy

  • Andreas

    nice tease, keep posting jj.

  • jcreole

    Umm excuse me sir, your pee pee is showing. lol

  • Frankie

    So fucken hottt! I wish you were at my gym. I would so take care of you in the locker rooms. Please keep posting. . .wanna see more of that teasing. . .xoxoxo

  • g

    my lord!

  • Donald

    Great shot. Great idea!!!

  • glen

    I see you!

  • JJ Rossi

    More of my pics are on here go back a page or two.

  • aj

    nothin hotter then dick swinging at the gym!!!

  • Cody

    Now you are definely going to have to post more when you are in a more private area...definely have to see the "full" package.

  • XXX

    OOOOOH You is FINE!!!

  • Anonymous

    very nice....

  • Glasgow1975

    nice sneaky commando shot!

  • RobertC

    ok that is beyond hot!

  • isimond

    woah sexy and hot!

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