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May 31, 2011 - 01:55 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Barross

    love beautiful man :)

  • Haha Barross I love the color yellow. Guess it&aposs a good thing it&aposs our house and not yours :-)

  • Barross

    god. paint that bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the other chad

    looking good chadly

  • Anonymous

    hot bear!

  • Fuzz

    Can i Help Carry It Aswell :D

  • Jesse you should post a pic :)

  • Jesse

    you guys are super cute together i hope my bf and i look like you in a few months ;)

  • tim

    u guys r so lucky to be in shape :(

  • JoshB!

    Chizzad, is that your lil brother? You two a look a like to me and I think thats hot!



  • Haha YAY, yes we are lol. Thanks for noticing :-)

  • YAY!

    Hey these guys are Chizzad and Gunner!

  • OnMyKnees4Beef

    Damn, I don&apost know which one is luckier. You both are so incredibly hot. I&aposd take either one of you (in more ways than one!).

  • mo

    haha great to see he returns the favor here

  • Jade

    WOW! What a yummy looking couple too!

  • iDick

    theres nothing better than the feel of another mans package in your hand....lovely pic!

  • scottie

    damn, chizzad. id pay to watch the two of you going at it. id pay even more to get in on the action!

  • Mason

    I&aposd like to play with daddys package x wanna see what&aposs inside

  • I wanna be that guys hand!

  • Cavis

    nice hairy abs.

  • :-)

  • E

    @Gusher - time to go in for that Cataract surgery bud.. Your eyes need fixing. Either that or by a HiDef monitor
    @Chaddy Daddy - Not hating.... You both look fantastic. Peace

  • Mark

    You guys are incredible! wow is all I can say thanks for posting!! and if you ever do 3ways and live in nyc is ME! ;)

  • david in chgo

    well i see someones being touched inappropriately...and liking it!

  • *E - haha don&apost hate man to each his own, * *Nuff Said - no worries, he doesn&apost bother me and thanks for the comment, * Andy - :-)


  • gusher

    @E... that was the stupidest joke.. the guy on the left doesnt even look THAT young

  • Jim

    damn u are fucking hot, love the hairy chest and pierced nipples. love to get bent over and fucked by u

  • Andy

    *sigh*, how I wish I were the boy

  • Nuff Said

    That&aposs right daddy bear, you take good care of your lil&apos cub!!!!! You guys make for a cute couple so ignore the silly comment made by @E !!!!!!

  • the hairier the better

    Chizzard-The Daddy please let your hair on chest grow back in and post agin.You two are BLAZING HOT!!!!

  • mikey


  • E

    I&aposve heard of robbing the cradle.. But not the embryo.


    That&aposs one huge package ya got daddy, don&apost mind if I take a look? ;)

  • Anonymous

    That&aposs a nice shade of yellow.

  • Well you guys are too kind! Robert - you are so right :-) *Critter - sure thing buddy * ScottyP. - I guess he's a lucky guy then. *Sexymcbadass - that's sweet of you to say but I don't think he's going anywhere soon haha. * Joe - Thanks man! *Everyone - we appreciate the comments.

    Chizzad - The Daddy :-p

  • akito_kun

    You two make a hot couple !!! Well actually, Chizzad looks even hotter with a smooth smaller guy as a partner. And I agree with Ben !!

  • Randy

    Fucking woof!

  • LadyRobRob

    You two should take pics having sexxx... I would love to see the big guy plow that ass.

  • joe

    Fuck yeah! Easily one of the hottest pics I&aposve ever seen on here!


    If that boy ever leaves you, I&aposd like to take his place, Daddy!

  • ScottyP.

    You are one fine piece of man, love the fur , and he is one lucky boy if your giving him some of that..

  • Hothouse Homo

    I can&apost decide which of the two of you is the luckier. You both win! Thanks for posting.

  • imagine that

    Awwww! how sweet.

  • aj

    big daddy and his lil cub so hot!!!!

  • Ben

    I want to be the guy on the left.

  • I&aposd like to do more to it ;)

  • critter

    I love that Dad helps his son learn to play ball. Will you teach me next?

  • World Wide Rob

    Hello Daddy! Hello my boy!

  • Ryan

    Best pic in a long time. Post more, you guys are incredible sexy!

  • robert

    its always so nice to have someone help you carry your package

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