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Tyler Torro

May 2, 2011 - 04:30 PM
Tyler Torro on Guys with iPhones
  • Jon

    Whatever no one on this site 4 anything but seeing there type of Guy whatever that maybe.If guy will have sex with another guy he 100% Ok. He has to enjoy something about if he not to bad for him! I sure love watching

  • ej25

    @Matt - That&aposs just you. I&aposm definitely gay, but women don&apost turn me off. I still get off to straight porn, doesn&apost make my (dick shrink) lol. And just cuz he has sex with a guy for money also doesn&apost mean he is gay. One of my friends does gay porn for money, and I know for a fact that he is actually straight, so just though I&aposd let you know.

  • RileyR

    Hottie w the overdone tasteless ink will be washed up in 2 years, too old for porn, too unprepared for the real world other than posing repeatedly in front of a mirror to post his pic.

    Thank you Matt for explaining so concisely about this Gay for Pay nonsense. Kiss/lick/suck/fuck another guy is hardly str8.

    Always classy when GWiP pics are done in front of the toilet for the disabled...

  • seven11

    His eyebrows freak me out. They look like caterpillars set up shop on his forehead.

  • Reichen

    Why do these beautiful boys mar their bodies with such god awful ink?

  • Matt

    @Dan - straight guys don&apost get hard, have sex and ejaculate with other MEN! Not even for money.

    He may not be exclusively gay, maybe bisexual, but he (nor the rest of the so-called straight but gay porno stars) is NOT straight.

    If you&aposre gay, would/could you have sex with a female? Not likely. Women turn me off. The thought of even having sex with a female makes my dick shrink back inside my body. If I had even the slightest interest in having sex with a female, if I thought I could get an erection and come with a female, then that would make me bisexual. But as I am, NO WAY is that going to happen, so I&aposm GAY.

    True, 100 percent STRAIGHT men are the same. The thought of having sex with another man turns them off, makes them not even remotely aroused..... THAT would be grounds to call them hetero. If they think about "experimenting" with another man and can get aroused, pre-cum with, lick, suck, fuck and kiss another man and then come at the end, they&aposre NOT straight.

    Just so we have that clear. Thank you.

    Tyler is hot (would be hotter without the ink) and I&aposd fuck him into the middle of next week for sure, but the boy is FAR from straight.

  • Anonymous

    So bored of this gay for pay dude.

  • midtownATL

    straight? lol yea right. that&aposs why he does gay porn : )

  • m

    he said his body fat is approx 5 % and it damn!

  • dan

    @cubano, you're low if you truly believe that. Besides, he's a porn star, have you ever used the internet? Tyler Torro is a fucking hottie, it's a shame that he's straight.

  • cubano

    blah , blah , blah !!!!!!. all of you bitches . where is the cock ? the most important part !!!!!!!

  • Sokkerboi

    Tyler Torro *unghh*

  • Brian

    OMG you&aposre hot... sexy body, abs , cool tats!!

  • j

    You are a hottie

  • R

    Wow bro, where are you from? HOT!!!

  • MobRob

    hot hot hot....wish you could come by my home.

  • D.A.

    DAMN!!! Your looking great!! Hope we get to see waaaayyy more!!

  • Thom

    You&aposre a HOT dude, but when ya going to drop your drawers?

  • J

    Sexy tatts, smirk, body, face!

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