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Chris Porter

May 17, 2011 - 01:30 AM
Chris Porter on Guys with iPhones
  • Kee

    You are so hot, Chris. I&aposd like to see you in action in person.

  • frankie

    Love you Chris Porter and Samuel Colt! Your music ROCKS!!

  • Josh

    Good to see your still around Chris, i for one have truly missed your posts on here. Hope to see more of you, its been awhile. Thanks for returning. Still as sexy as ever btw.


    Damn dude you are gorgeous. I love the underwear. You definitely do justice to those underwear.

  • j

    absolutely gorgeous chris porter!

  • Eric

    Those are hot underwear. Can you show us a peek at your bush next time? You look like a guy that would be into music, or in the military. Comment on here, if so.

  • Matt

    OK - I&aposll let the tats slide (even the ones on your chest) but dude, I&aposd have to pass on that underwear or jock or whatever that is!

    Otherwise Chris, you would look PERFECTLY HOT sitting on my 8 inch cock!

  • RandomHero

    super hot!!

  • Anonymous

    Chris Porter dressed?! That makes a change....

  • Gawker

    I love you Chris. You and Sam could have your way with me any day.

  • God

    You need to sleep.

  • Josh


  • damien

    Hell yea, tattoos awesome and what a great looking man.

  • Zaq

    Chris Porter is still one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen! ^^

  • dan

    Aren&apost you a porn star?


    You may be a Nasty Pig, but you are one FINE ASS Nasty Pig!

  • KC

    I could jack off just looking at you. So hot and sexy. Love you! Love your tats.

  • lucylu

    let me be your Nasty Pig!! damn u are Hot!!

  • JR

    Nasty... think it should say TASTY! :)

  • Polt

    nice. But you should show us just what a nasty pig you really are.

  • Tyler

    You are so incredibly hot!! I love the nastypig, would love to let you have your way with me!!

  • daveinqueens

    need to see that ass!

  • daveinqueens

    OMG! fukcin&apos beautiufl. great tats and bulge. more please.

  • t

    Nice. But maybe a little too grouchy looking.

  • ritchie

    Hot guy , love to see more pics of your tatts

  • vic

    super fucking sexy. Finally, something worth looking at.

  • mt

    You&aposd be a lot sexier if you wouldn&apost have gotten those tats. Still, not bad

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