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May 23, 2011 - 06:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Qbanitoz


  • galerian
  • clint

    darn banner is in the way!!!

  • Brynn

    can someone please post a link to his other pictures?!

  • Yup, that&aposll do it. You have my apprecaiiton.

  • Derek

    Dude you are really sexy, congrats on winning an ipod shuffle =)

    would love to see more pics u hotti

  • Richard

    Is there more of this hottie out there? So cute/sexy/hot!

  • alex


    I love that you are a big tease! Now, how about a glimpse of the booty?

  • Lax02guy

    Hands down the hottest guy on here. I check DAILY to see if he&aposs uploaded something new. I just about fell off my chair when I saw these new pics. DROOLING for more...

  • Daddy

    I&aposll bet your mother is so proud.

  • Andreas

    nice hand tease, bet its quite a handful. keep posting.

  • alex

    I should be your only fan....hhhmmmm I need you tonite

  • mikey

    VERY nice!!!! Just keep going! Love a guy with some meat on his bones!

  • lionscreed

    mmmm yummy

  • Paige.

    Just my them this way. If you want, lets totally down to give that the ride of your life.

  • bret

    hunnnnyyyyy. so freaking gorgeous. the only reason i come to gwip. fact.

  • Greg

    Pure sex. You are one of the hottest guys on this site. Fo-shizzle!

  • Jerry

    Your super cute; keep taking it off piece by piece. Would love to talk, email me @

  • charles

    stud!!! you are such a sexy tease ;-)

  • Rick

    God I would suck you for as long and as many times as you wanted

  • Mark

    I&aposm with the other guys... drop that hand down boy. MMM So sexy. I&aposve been waiting for you to show a little skin on here after all the teasing. If you don&apost want to show more e-mail them to :)

  • david in chgo

    too bad there isnt a prize for whoever guesses the date & time the 50,000 photo submission is accepted.the way this stud is going, i&aposd happily say it&aposd be HIM.

  • nigel

    im down

  • Jim

    Yeah, everything about this guy is super sexy. I&aposm so happy I&aposm not his only fan!

  • rgncajun

    oh my. You got your glasses back on. I luff ya!

  • hornyguyinMD

    He should have his own category.

  • hornyguyinMD

    So close. I&aposm like ScottyP now. Take your time. I&aposm enjoying this now. Was frustrating at first but really loving it.

  • ScottyP.

    Bro, take as long as you want. I&aposm ready when you are.


    WOOF! Love the tease-shots! Hope to see more!

  • rayray


  • untouchedone

    show us that cock handsome man!

  • Cal

    All you have to do now is drop that hand. I love the nipple, btw.

  • Eric

    plz fuck me

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