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May 24, 2011 - 01:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • I-

    Oh you ho&apos! Go for it, you deserve it!
    Now that I think of it, I&aposd say I&aposm probably the only (gay) guy around here who doesn&apost wanna shag you...Lol

  • ML

    You are simply the best. I can&apost take my eyes off of your pics. Beautiful!

  • Douggie

    Gabe, you are certainly one of the Top 10 All-Time for this site, and you will most likely stay there forever!

  • jm

    Gabriel is such a beautiful name for a man. The name fits you as you are a very, very beautiful man. This picture has made my day.

  • b

    thats all we get G just a sneek peek shoot !!!
    love your pics anyways!!

  • sam nyc

    As always, so fucking sexy!

  • KC

    Just upload 200 pics of yourself and win it all! You are my dream man. :)

  • Dan

    Gabriel: your body has evolved very very nicely, right now it&aposs a masterpiece; you have the whole package (great body [just imagine how shall it look in 2 more years of hard work, my god!!], beautiful face AND amazingly creative ideas!)

  • Allan

    Sexiest. Guy. Ever. Seriously Gabe. Thanks for posting. Please keep doing so.

  • I don&apost want just a taste. I want the WHOLE piece.

  • You&aposre right that him Lee he looks a lil younger.@09 which he was.he was teaseing like he&aposs now.

  • Andreas

    what. a tease. nice peek, keep posting gabriel.

  • Gabriel

    2009 ... Mmm not happy with my body back then and I&aposm still a work in progress. Thanks always for the pep talk lee but also to those who take time to be kind :D

  • Kyle

    He&aposs been on here since 2009 and he&aposs only gotten sexier. Gabe is perfect. He deserves the iPad 2.

  • KC

    I am so in love... You are perfect and hot and sexy... I love looking at your pics! What a dream!

  • marc

    For a crack at that ass, I&aposd be happy to personally award Gabe an iPad 2.

  • lee

    gabriel, how can any one guy be so beautiful and so intensely fuckable. Those eyes, those lips and that amazing body. How have you been on gwips since 2009 -

  • rondeux

    how does everyone know gabe but me?


    You have got to write and tell me where you are, so that I can send you a pic of what you just made me do all over myself. Your pics are sooo hot!

  • Den

    you really want that iPad 2

  • Miguel

    I want you, in every possible way.

  • Allan

    Sexiest. Guy. Ever. Seriously Gabe. Thanks for posting. Please keep doing so.

  • Cal

    Very, very nice. This is so HOT! You are absolutely gorgeous.

  • jay

    OMG, I just died a little. Gabe you are such a tease

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