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May 26, 2011 - 08:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Jassen

    its Jared !! from Sundance Channel "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys."

  • rich in minnesota

    you are very handsome man... where do u reside??? would love to meet ya. :)

  • Andreas

    nice, you wear those calvins very well. keep posting.

  • Brian

    OMG you&aposre hot!!! Great body, love your hairy chest and very nice nipples!!

  • David

    Awesome body

  • Rad

    Gurl your muscles are getting so BIG!

  • Cooper

    I Love You! :)

  • glen

    Handsome face and chest even if clippered!

  • Kraig Day

    Well your amazing. Great body. You could be a CK model. :-)

  • Cody in Salem, VA look wonderful, and love the facial hair, and brown eyes...very nice, and handsome.

  • david in chgo

    another hot, handsome hunk drops in on "shirtless thursday" no complaints here!

  • Stephen

    You cleaned up and did a clear picture. You are so cute/hot/handsome/yummy!
    What area do you live in?

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