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May 28, 2011 - 08:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • JP

    Your skin looks great.
    So as the face and body.
    Please keep posting.

  • TyInTenn

    That nipple ring is calling out to me.

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot... would love to watch you drop the towel!!

  • mikey

    Tmc... that&aposs his right finger. Remember mirror image.

  • mikey

    Lose the towel!!!! And you can do whatever else you want, you&aposre hot!!!

  • brad

    Damn good ones all straight...hope she services u well...i would take ur load a couple times a day...sooo hot!!

  • enrigayboy


  • enrigayboy


  • Tmc

    Very nice body, Mr...job well done. I agree with mred129, stay LITE on the tats....your body SCREAMS perfection!! I envy the person you go home to (I see the ring on your finger). I hope they appreciate every hour you spend in the gym, every inch you have to offer - as well as every ounce you produce!! Such a delicious man

  • mred129

    Absolutely stunning!! Please don&apost change a no more tats or trimmin&apos. TY 4 sharing w/us dude :)

  • Joseph

    So hot..

  • untouchedone

    FUCK ME, no really fuck me anytime you want STUD!!!!!!! hope to see more of you handsome!

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