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May 28, 2011 - 09:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • @Cleeeeiton

    Glad to see people are always remembering about me...Joseph, I love you guy!^^

  • david in chgo

    hey joe, i for one, will not tire of seeing you on here! in fact, its a pleasure to see your posts!

  • budroe

    Joseph thank you for saying what you did, you can post as many as you want its your right.....very nice btw

  • Kris


  • Kris

    Yeah, anyway! And didn&apost Cleiton shave his pubes? No real man does that and Joseph is ALL MAN!

  • Keepin It Real

    Are you Cleighton&aposs chunky cousin?

  • MattyCII

    You are so hot!! You have body that I just want to kiss all over.

  • Brad

    Love your eyes, your smile, your body, your cock... Damn. Hoping for an ass spread and a cum shot in the future!

  • bigjock

    Well Joseph you just keep on post F the haters you are one smokin hot guy....

  • Christopher

    Keep,posting Joseph,I personally like ur pix

  • KL

    keeo them coming we like it.

  • Anonymous

    keep them coming .. many of us like it

  • Gurgi

    Scott: be gone before someone drops a house on you. Joseph, you are becoming a favorite, keep posting :)

  • mikey

    Nice! And Scott, hush... at least it&aposs not Cleiton or whatever his name was!!! And this guys hot!

  • JAL

    i kind of agree with Scott at this point

  • Steve

    Better lighting, on your back both arms up next please. Don&apost listen to Scott, I&aposm always happy to see you but with a different pose & a smile !

  • Joseph

    I got one don&apost be worrying about me man, I will post as many as I want to. ;) lots more to come.

  • Scott

    Seriously, man, get a life. How many pics do you need to post in a day?

  • Joseph

    It says sleepy.

  • JJ

    Nice cock m

  • RC

    Hey, Joseph, what does the tattoo say?

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