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May 31, 2011 - 02:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Kee

    I want my hands all over you too. Lucky son.

  • james bernard

    I want to be his hand!!

  • Baz

    Love the piercings. Any more we can&apost see through those trunks

  • Jesus Henry Christianson

    "Dammit dad, I dont want to do gay porn with you!"

  • Demetri

    Fuckberries. I&aposm putting myself up for adoption too.

  • Kraig

    Fucking hot. You two are amazing! Great picture!

  • jonny0610

    He sure is lucky!

  • Chaddy Daddy

    I love my boo! ;-)

  • iDick

    I&aposd like to join you guys for a hot three way!

  • Felipe

    Hi Im from Brazil and man I love this picture. Let me bee the boy han... Add on msn please. Hug

  • Cole

    2 fine dudes that I&aposd love to spend a long weekend w/ for sure! Those nipple rings got me pitchin a big tent immediately, not just the grabbing.

  • Robert

    I have that same towelbar

  • Scott

    You guys are so fucking hot! Loved the pics and would love to see more! Would bottom or top for either of you!

  • sophmorefrat

    damn you boys are fine loved your last set of pics and hope to see some more. Not sure if it happens or not, but would love to see some of smooth stud drillin his daddy next time tho.

  • Anonymous

    That son sucks u r super hot bear

  • fresca

    ... it appears you have 2 sets of nipple jewelry between you ... do you every split them, ChaDa? ... in admiration, fresca

  • @cole - sure thing buddy but only because I really like your name haha.
    @Tyler - Thanks a lot for the huge compliment and the way you expressed it.
    @ everyone - thanks for being so darn nice :-)

  • brad

    Soo us more....omg sooo hot!!!!
    Email me

  • guyinMD

    damn that&aposs sexy

  • laydownyourburdens

    Oh! Boy The BFF, Nice Tot.. Now Squart On Him!

  • outbacknt

    so bloody hot!!!


    make that Son into a Daddy clone!

  • aaden

    You are both so fucking lucky to have each other.

  • steve

    always hot

  • Jay

    What a handsome & hot couple!!

  • Andy

    I know I&aposd sure be grabbing at it with a little more fervor

  • KnottyBoy

    If only all daddies were like you Chaddy Daddy, then i couldn&apost wait to get me one. Gunner you are one lucky boy.

  • TyInTenn

    Not sure which one of you is the luckiest - but I&aposll bet there is some hot sex in your house!!

  • Tyler

    You both are wonderful examples of shear physical perfection!! More so the hottie on the right, you&aposre body is like the most beautiful piece of art my eyes have ever had the pleasure of seeing!! I would give anything just to have you for one night :)

  • damien

    Love these two men. Thanks for posting and looking forward to more.

  • cole

    can you adopt me?

  • Jeremy

    you&aposre both fucking hot. I wanna see more pics of you fucking raw!

  • BR

    Its Gunner and Chizzad!!


    Dad & Son back again

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