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May 31, 2011 - 01:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • amo

    this guy, no, man, is a general sweetheart. a big lovable teddy bear, so to speak. so guys, be nice to him, because it&aposs hard to find guys like him nowadays.

  • iDick

    can we see your dick?

  • mrjk

    im glad ive seen your ass. i can understand if you dont show a pic of it.

    but you have no reason to be ashamed of that ass. Your ass is THE finest ive ever seen. And im an Ass-man. lol. youre looking great man. Hope ill stay in shape like you have! great inspiration

    love from norway

  • cam

    Love your pics daddy! And I would love to see a ass pic as well ;)

  • OmahaMatt

    Love all of your pics. Thanks for sharing.

  • Let me ask my bf if it is ok to show my sexy ass. It&aposs all about respect but if he says it is ok then it will happen :-)

  • Part Art

    Big Daddy, Why Do You Never Show The Ass!?

  • Crysis

    This boy gets hard Everytime.

  • Jim

    Gorgeous. in. every. way.

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