Guys With iPhones

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May 31, 2011 - 12:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Mi vida loca

    It doesn matter what the name is! You could put anything. The question here is, "What in bloody hell?" ugh.

  • Kros

    How could anyone take seriously, an attempted rebuttal with an irrelevant point?

  • Kris

    How could anyone take seriously, the comments of someone who doesn&apost use their name?

  • Derek

    I dont care what anyone says... he is so sexy, i would love to have him all to myself!!!

    I want you baby!

  • Anonymous

    How could anyone be jealous over someone, who is so obviously desperate for attention?

  • lbpacker

    Dude, ur getting a gut

  • david in chgo

    i, too, must count myself among joes admirers. we should form a fan club!

  • Nate21

    Can u post another hard pic? I have to keep scrolling far back to find your last one. I get off to it about once a day!

  • Brad

    Have I mentioned I&aposm in love? Top or bottom Joseph? ;)

  • Bander1985

    I am going to check this site everyday until I see either your asshole or a cumshot. You are the hottest guy on here by far! U make these other guys jealous obviously! Good for u dude!

  • Tanner321


  • RudeBoy

    Hot cock man!

  • Toto

    Just what I was hoping to find this am!

  • Kris

    Angel of the morning :-*

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