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May 31, 2011 - 11:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Andy

    Email me I&aposd love to chat with you! 1 your sexy as fuck! 2 I&aposm on a weight loss thing to and hopefully my body will look as nice as yours soon maybe show the rest of you next time ;)

  • Jayson510

    I agree.. SEXY! I have a straight friend who&aposs body is just like yours, and I enjoy molesting him every chance I get

  • JC

    Wow. Umm, thanks guys! I was just trying to win an ipad, i didnt think anyone would comment. ;) Just to let you know, I&aposve actually lost about 7 inches in my waist in the last 6 months. I agree with @lbpacker, I could be doing more sit-ups. But, I&aposm still a work-in-progress. I&aposll try and post more soon!

  • Kris

    I also agree with david. Guys like this might not be for everyone, but I am just glad that doesn&apost stop some guys. And dude in the pic, the little tease of pubes and average build is very becoming!



  • Gerry

    Hot and huggable...I could cuddle all night with you, after some fun of course!

  • NickChicago

    very hot


    @david in chgo COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!! Love this mans body, it has some curves and some meat on his bones!! MAJOR HOTNESS!!!!!

  • lbpacker

    cute belly dude. how about some sit-ups?

  • david in chgo

    luv that we&aposre seeing guys of all shapes now!

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