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June 6, 2011 - 08:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Kee

    Boy, you are driving me insane. Show me everything, pretty please! You are so amazing.

  • Nicks

    i think i&aposm in love with u! post all u got.. i&aposm becoming crazyyyyyyyyyy

  • mabbott

    I love that coy, crooked smile. Yeah, you know you&aposre hot you sexy hairy beast. Damn! More, please!

  • Richierich

    a real man :) nice clearish picture too, you rock, your hairy chest is incredible

  • Derek

    Dude, i seriously wanna know where u live...cuz im coming now! u can fuck me all night long

  • t m

    Drop them next time please!! Though it is a great bulge...and such a hot bush peeking out..

  • Joey

    You have really done a great job on your bod. Now I&aposd really like to do a great job on your bod.

  • Eric

    Holy fuck

  • Ron

    Sexy furry body! WOOF!

  • rgncajun

    There are quite alot of hot guys around here, but you&aposre my fav wetdream.

  • glen

    Welcome back Mr furry sexy man!

  • Luke

    By far, my favorite

  • greg

    hall of fame!!

  • j

    the hairy guys ALWAYS get the most comments on this site. This guy deserves them! Damn what a hot fuck! Like everyone else I&aposd love to see more

  • chris

    Wow your the type of guy i need. Ever visit ohio?

  • niceguy

    Man, you are outstanding! Great smile too :)

  • Jim

    fucking hot, love the hairy chest, please show more u sexy stud

  • Kris

    Do you need anymore of an ego boost? Just get naked already!! lol

  • lawcock

    That little smirk alone is enough to get me rock hard. The rest is just gravy.

  • luvtosuck

    Aw you&aposre back! Hello sexy man with the beautiful smile...

  • Wolf

    HANDSOME! Post your hairy ass bro. Love the smile!!

  • will

    now take the cap off, drop the shorts, and turn around... woof!


    OMG SO hot!!!!!

  • Zed

    please don&apost ever make your body hair go away, super sexy!

  • lydbckgy

    the crooked smile gets &aposem every time

  • Maslin

    OMG!- When did this show up! ;) It&aposs morning, where I&aposm at- and just ran into it! Yowza! It&aposs gonna be a great day!!!

  • john in ATL

    I think your a keeper!! Wish you were my neighbor. Please show us your sweet Ass.

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot, love seeing your post! Your hairy body and cute smile are to die for!! Please post more but would love to see you with no shorts!!

  • turtle

    We want to see the rest!

  • AsSeenOnTv

    You are one hot man.

  • Tm

    I wanna spin you around and check out that furry ass!! Sexy-Sexy man, you are seriously GORGEOUS!! At least drop the shorts and cup your junk?!?! Or maybe we can get you to post this next pose?

  • chinesesmoothie

    ur so hot those fur is burning like hell

  • Tmc

    Hang your cap on your cock and put one hand up behind your head in your next post. Need to see a hairy sexy pit!! Dude, you are like chum in the water! Check out all the sharks circling!! ;)

  • Sean

    OMG the sexy wolf is back!!! This guy makes me weak!!!! Perfectection at it&aposs best from head to toe! Look at that smile and those eyes! I love all the fur! WOOF!!!!!!!

  • askanipsion

    Damn you are perfect - love your fuzziness and very sexy smirk

  • kc

    i was hoping for another pic...yay for us.

  • JB

    I&aposm Swiss

  • K

    you&aposre back! =DDDD

  • jon

    YUM! Drop them drawers, please!

  • CatsFan

    The best guy on here....hands down!

  • bigbadbill

    fukken HOT!!!!

  • Sunkissed

    I&aposve been attracted to you since your first post ... I want to wrap your legs around my head and wear you like the crown that you are!

  • 5m00tth_n_raw

    Frigging hot... you need to show what is making that bulge.


    I could chew on that body hair all day!


    fuck dude, you are like a dream

  • Kris

    There he is;) So hairy and hot. I hope we will be seeimg much, much more of you!

  • What a manly tease, you are!! Can you at least pose with your cap and a &apossock&apos on your junk?? ( Great smile, by the way....still going crazy over all that manly fur!! :)

  • guyinMD

    Drop em! Drop em! Drop em!


    Fuck you are sexy.

  • Brandon Thomas

    Fuck finals.....I want to study you all night long! OMG

  • Anonymous


  • Bob

    wow man you are fucking hot! love the fur! and i could never resist that smile!

  • Jp

    Drop those you hottie

  • TJ

    Love it! Show us the rest?

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