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Harvey Walker

July 10, 2011 - 02:00 PM
Harvey Walker on Guys with iPhones
  • ToTellTheTruth

    You look so much better with short hair and light facial hair -- seriously.  WAY much better.  

  • glen

    Welcome back Harvey!

  • Love the fur; would like to see you post a full body shot so we could see the hairy legs. I hope the cock is cut--most dramatically beautiful.


    need some help showering?

  • will

    hairy hottie in a locker room.... oh my fantasy in a picture

  • B

    So, so sexy. You&aposve been away from GWIP too long!

  • Jus me

    uuuummm yummy!! Cut or uncut?? Guess,, I hope uncut,,, ok,, ok,, I like both ways!! Very cute!!

  • Jackson Knight


  • Anchor

    Aahah, Harvey, could you be any more cuter? Just wanna wrap you up and take you home. :D

  • Robert

    I love Harvey! The world needs more Harvey!

  • C3P Blow

    What a beautiful guy you are! I love all the pubic hair. I would enjoy smelling your sweaty, hairy, crotch.

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