Guys With iPhones

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July 19, 2011 - 10:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Erik the Red

    OMG! Is that Kermit phone? Yes, you&aposre cute, but I would date you just beacause you have that phone. That&aposs cute.

  • PDX-B

    hot! average normal guys are so much hotter than the muscle boys and ultra lean bodied guys!

  • MJ

    Such beautiful lips

  • mm

    Holy crap you have THE most gorgeous face!

    Please keep posting!




    dude your about the hottst this site has ever seen EVER

  • gregory

    god i know this face... i think i&aposve met this guy and i can&apost remember where. it&aposs driving me crazy

  • see000er

    your phone wears nice specs

  • ro

    you made my day

  • Brad

    ohhhh my! My perfect companion!! Keeeeeeep Posting!

  • Superman


  • glen

    Liking the chest fur even if clippered!

  • Fred

    Hummm trop sexy!
    Beau corps et belle gueule j&aposadore
    Enleve le bas!!!

  • Mohamed

    U look good.
    Hope u&aposll post more.

  • AAA

    Beautiful face! I&aposll be glad to say more about your body once you show the rest of it....

  • Reemboy


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