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July 31, 2011 - 03:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • loves it

  • Sexy personified. b-e-a-utiful! Would love to see more. Lets talk? :D


    Wow, just ooozing with sex appeal. Very cute guy with a hot body. Someone is very lucky to tuck in with you every night.

  • ed

    wow the fountain of youth would love to drink sum of you.......:-)

  • jb

    Cutie show us the dick tho

  • Anonymous

    damn...beautiful...for real.

  • Anonymous

    fuck me

  • NickChicago

    Hot nips

  • markymark

    dude....U r effin me

  • AndreasOslo

    nice, you wear those briefs well. keep posting.

  • Roderigo

    Omg ur sexy as hell! But do me a favor and get some boxers or something?

  • Nick

    Wow, hot!

  • TyInTenn


  • marc

    Just beautiful. Exactly my type of boy.

  • mike


  • senor_ram

    HANDSOME ;) So beautiful

  • Anonymous

    nice very nice

  • alex

    very sexy man. :)

  • Tybaby

    Fucking beautiful.

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