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July 31, 2011 - 04:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • blkdimnd

    you are a very handsome guy

  • Henry

    Are u single???

  • dywayne


  • chris-brooklyn

    looking good - great smile - 10/10 - just briefs next time.

  • Polt

    My GOD, you&aposre a tight lil package, aren&apost you? Please post more!

  • alex s

    Very sexy! Just drop those drawers a bit to give us a tease shot.

  • Brutherly luv

    Looking good bruh! Now, give me my waistline back, I&aposve been missing it! ;c)

  • dani

    Can you share any of your private pic with me. You are handsome young men.

  • Guest

    Gee Willy, he is showing a bulge. Can&apost you see it?

  • primebeff

    Fuck stud.. I want to lick and suck u all over please?

  • Gee Willy show us a little bulge down below.

  • JoshS

    Yeah, you&aposre pretty much perfect.

  • bossman

    looking good man

  • BriaNL

    Love all of you

  • Real

    Damn! Where did you come from? You can come stay wit me

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