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August 19, 2011 - 12:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Anonymous

    lets see more!

  • Anonymous

    looks promising, more to show?

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    If you were my boyfriend I would cover you myself! contact me stud!

  • JXM

    I actually just noticed pubes in another one of your posts. I am pleased and excited for more.

  • JXM

    Big fan!!! Have really loved all your posts. Glad you&aposre coming out of your shell, but to be honest, I&aposm really hoping your not bald under that towel.

  • k.e.l

    so inlove with you : )

  • k.e.l

    i dont know how, but you always take my breath away... : )

  • g

    i like the direction you&aposre going with this ;)

  • InShockandAwe

    you are hot with or without the glasses .... I&aposm in lust

  • Kevin

    Im in lOve with u since the first time I saw ur pics. Dam u are so hot!!. Drop me a line sometime, I would love to meet u, I&aposll travel if I have to...

  • Ted

    Can I take it down for you? Sex god.

  • Aaron

    You&aposre so fucking hot !!!! I would ride your cock all night long and smooch all over that hunky body of yours!!!

  • Tucker

    Cum on, so us what you working with!

  • Fluffy

    I sooooooooo want to see whats under the towel!!!!

  • Anonymous

    take it off baby!

  • JP

    Come on, hot stuff.
    Show us more. Love your face and bulge.
    Makes me feel like I just wanna stain your towel with my cum and yours.
    What do you say, Mr. Steamy?

  • m

    yummy look at that VPL

  • a

    I hope in the next picture the towel is gone. You&aposre cute and sexy!

  • AndreasOslo

    nice towel tease, keep posting.

  • Roderigo

    For the last few days you&aposve been taking it off layer by layer teasin the hell outta us, TAKE IT OFF PLEASE!!

  • j rey

    Perfect. The End!

  • mred129

    Sorry ur a shaver dude... TY anyway 4 sharing :(

  • TJ

    Can I have you for my birthday?

  • enrigayboy

    Can I borrow the towel cause I&aposm getting wet over here

  • dreamer

    you&aposre getting closer to fulfilling all our fantasies...

  • STL

    You&aposre driving me crazy today...definitely amazing, but I&aposm still not shocked. And by "everything", I meant EVERYTHING...can&apost tell you how much I like it!

  • ff

    Towel or no towel, you are incredibly sexy. I am glad you dropped the goofy look.

  • GWD

    You get cuter in every picture!!!

  • John yin Laguna

    Mmmm, I am telling you, you are driving me crazy !! Come to my beach house in Laguna Ca...your welcome anytime !

  • Gee Willy

    That is a very meaty pic - love the fact that we can see just enough of the head of your dick. Nice shot. Keep them coming!!

  • Miles

    Quit teasing us. Lol

  • California guy

    You are by far the hottest guy to ever post on here!!! Wow. Perfect

  • Karlitos

    Gosh you are fine and super cute... i would love for you to hit me up, im from Kalifornia

  • Karlitos

    Hey....drop it!!! Hit me up lets chat

  • Joshua

    You&aposve got the most amazing body ever.. I love it.

  • Christopher

    nice bulge...drop the towel...

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful guy

  • dudeboyjohnny

    HELL YEAH BRO!! I KNEW IT! God you are amazing dude! I would give anything to have a taste of that!!

  • primebeff

    Mmmm. love good man and great body too

  • Jeremy

    You are so fucking hot. Please drop the towel.

  • Robert

    damn! u tent that towel nicely!

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