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Michael Muhney

August 24, 2011 - 02:05 AM
Michael Muhney on Guys with iPhones
  • Transatlantic83

    So sexy!

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    What kind of underware you wearing man? contact me!

  • Gerri

    OMG!!!! Can I have some more please?!?

  • phil

    love to see MORE

  • Kayden

    Be my husband? Lol

  • evans

    He looks tired.
    Must have been shooting his long scenes in Young & The Restless.
    So worth it.
    Legs,love the legs.

  • Dustin

    Micheal, its my birthday. Send me a pic showing more.

  • prinzulli

    Yes, lift the shirt !!

  • kc

    i want you to hold me

  • rgncajun

    Could you turn around?

  • greg

    my fav photo of the day

  • c.p.

    are you and sharon over? you should get with phyllis to piss off nick b/c he&aposs sooooo annoying!

  • Tyler

    Ugh, you&aposre such a tease Michael/Adam!! Please just answer me this one thing, are you as Michael (your actual self) gay or straight?

  • primebeff

    Love u on Y&R, u are some handsome.. Do u need nudes, love to see some please.. lol

  • Michael Muhney is back! Who did pull your pants down??!!!!

  • Maslin

    heh heh heh,.. love this pic. :)
    And I don&apost even know who the dude is?
    Qt 4 SHooR, though!

  • Ted

    Gorgeous. More!

  • drscol01

    you forgot your pants darlin

  • Adam

    i would like to see more please let us see more like your cock n more

  • Why don&apost you tell us the truth we know you are Michael you R a mess on young and the on Y&R Adam Newman don&apost hav us guessing .pull up the shirt show us us what u working on Y&R.

  • Glasgow1975

    I&aposm guessing we get topless or bottomless but not both while you&aposre still on tv :)

  • Anonymous

    You look hung-over...hmmmm...must be in Vegas.

  • Christopher

    Love it!!! If only we could see more Michael!! You are the only reason I still watch Y&R because the stories have gone way downhill...

  • twistedchef

    Lift the shirt, please! Woof!

  • Gee Willy

    totally the idea, but you need to give us a little more...lost the tie and unbutton a few buttons.

    you&aposre a sexy guy tho...

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