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September 18, 2011 - 08:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • BoyWonderJosh

    Looking great! Awesome to see you again! ;)

  • Matt

    @Owen and johnny who wishes he was in Laguna Beach - I&aposm guessing you think that fat dude who posts DAILY and also wears the surgical mask and garb is hot as hell, eh?

    Cleeit, dude, you&aposre FABULOUS! Keep on keepin on brother. Sure would like you to pull that big dick out of those pants again for us, just one more time....! Sexy boy!

  • johnny in Laguna Beach

    im with you @owen.

  • jm

    Are you married now?

  • mike

    hey buddy... welcome back... liked the darker hair more, but I would still rob a bank for one night with you

  • Anonymous

    Welcome Back! No one can replace you.....

  • YY

    I like your style!

  • Facebook: Cleiton Fujimura

    Thanks all guys and friends for all the kind messages and for add me on facebook keeping in touch. Find me there as "Cleiton Fujimura". D.A., add me again &aposcoz I&aposve a new facebook account! Luv, @Cleeeeiton

  • Owen

    fugly as ever, thanks for sharing

  • D.A.

    Well...Mr C!!! It&aposs been awhile!!! I&aposm so glad you returned!! I for one have missed the hell outta you!!!!

  • HotShark

    keep &aposem coming Cleeton ... and ignore the haters.


    I would enjoy sharing an elevator with you ;-)

  • Drew

    Looking cute :)

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