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Chris Salvatore

September 20, 2011 - 08:15 PM
Chris Salvatore on Guys with iPhones
  • Leo622

    You are a beautiful man. You look like a living sculpture. i would love to see the rest of your magnificent body. Thanks for posting.

  • cureeousgeorge

    Always loved your smile...sweet.

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Can i have a pair of calvin kliens underware you wore man? contact me!

  • urban pervert

    you resemble JFK jr.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah daddy make me cumm

  • Luke

    In love with this body. Very sexy!

  • br

    i saw eating out 3 within the last week for the first time. random that i see you here. lets trade some pics. i know you&aposre not shy

  • Ainsley

    I&aposm in love with, just say hi.

  • Travis

    Enjoy the hair on your head now &aposcause it ain&apost gonna last forever.

    You are one hot man.

  • DK

    Dam, the Perfect MAN, hair and All.

  • Sean

    YUM! Chris Salvatore!!!! What a f*ckin&apos cutie! I prefer him all scruffy with some body hair for sure!

  • Ted

    Perfection, please post more ;)

  • JP

    You look great, really. Keep posting, please.

  • iDick

    mmm my baby Salvatore! Such a hottie...loved seeing you with your wang out in eating out. Why don&apost you post one for old time sakes? :D

  • Anonymous


  • j

    WOW. gorgeous. I wish i was that beautiful

  • Ben

    Why dont you take a pic "eating out" style??? you are beautiful btw...
    We are urging to see more of you...

  • rick

    You are one beautiful of the most beautiful ever...can&apost wait for the new Eating Out movie to be released...have had my copy pre-ordered for a while now! Hope you&aposre as generous with what you expose of yourself as you were in the last one!!!

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot!! Nice hair, cute face and love your hairy chest!

  • tam26

    @R it is Chris Salvatore!!!!!! when i saw this pic i knew i've seen this guy before. just checked and the tattoo confirms it! sexy as fuck!

  • Very cute! :)

  • Ben

    I know what to do with him!

  • primebeff

    Mmmm.. Sexy and love to see ur tattoo up close to man

  • R

    You look a lot like the actor Chris Salvatore, but I can't tell. Either way, show more!!!

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