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September 30, 2011 - 01:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • John lust

    You are so cute and sexy email me

  • Guest

    Johnny in Laguna, if you&aposre going to come on and say mean things you should at least learn simple grammar. It&aposs YOU&aposRE too scrawny, not YOUR too scrawny.

  • spare.robot

    @johnny, really? You seriously came to this page and said he&aposs to scrawny?

  • spare.robot


  • BriaNL

    Love it

  • johnny in laguna

    Your too scrawny

  • Snacks

    You are too cute....

  • chris- brooklyn

    looking good - just briefs & that tongue next time

  • Guest

    Not sure what&aposs going on with your tongue, but the body is amazing!

  • Oh hell, yeah!! Dude, you are ONE HOT SEXY MESS!! Not only do you have an amazing body, a beautiful face - but it is also very obvious that you have an equally AWESUM personality!! Hope to see you post again soon. Thanks for making my day

  • London

    i can come home to all that hotness w/a smile on my face EVERYDAY!!!!

  • Bdk

    Yummy, you are just to sexy

  • rps

    beautiful man

  • Polt

    Aw HELL YEAH. I got something you can use that tongue on while my tongues all over those abs! Great shot!

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