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September 30, 2011 - 03:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Mike

    My god you're beautiful.

  • undercoverman

    I gotta keep it real! I'm obsessed with this dude! Can't help it!

  • AZ Jay

    Nice big package. I'd like to reveal what is underneath and enjoy it.

  • Poloblue28

    hey very nice. you look hot.

  • Kee

    Thank you for all the lighting. They show your best assets. I&aposm crazy for you...touch me once and you&aposll know it&aposs true.

  • Geoffrey

    You&aposre the kind of hot man that virgin boys like me have fantasies about... :P

  • way sexy dude. keep em comin!! ;)

  • Tony

    Beautiful! Hit me up,

  • GR

    GOD. I am literally speechless right now.


    Oh myy that is beautiful
    anyone or you want to hit me up!

  • musclelover8

    wonderful, wonderful...

  • Anonymous

    wonderful, wonderful....

  • ad_zz

    I would love to wrestle with you daddy!!

  • Roberto

    WOW! A Tall Guy with Huge Bulge .... Really a real man for me....


    cocks aren&apost shaped like that. this guys hot but lose the sock/padding

  • THEGUYINthepicture

    thank you guys....i would fuck each and every1 of you all....

    i will post more in a few days...i have some new hot pics.

  • AZ Jay

    Me first. ;)

  • DJ

    WOW! So attractive!! Please post more!!

  • j. smith

    looks like a fake package dude...

  • Leigh

    Simply perfect in every way... beautiful man

  • GR

    you are really hot..........
    if you want to pics? haha

  • JB

    I know him and no, that isn&apost a sock. :)

  • JB

    I know him and no, that isn&apost a sock. :)

  • Ted

    Hot, sexy, and hunk. Please come back.

  • Theron Gouzoulis

    Sexy baby!!!!!!!!!!ESP. With the iPhone!!!!!!!!!

  • rgncajun

    Those have to be socks in there, amirite?!?!

  • .rod.


  • GR

    i am in love:)

  • swifty

    wow, what a perfect guy. From what i can see on here, everybody&aposs Mr Right.

    If only I could find a man like this.


  • InShockandAwe

    look up the word beefcake ... this is the guy that defines that word .... gorgeous !!!

  • just saying

    Pick up your clothes

  • Kyle


  • Melocoton!

    OH MY SWEET DEAR GOD!!! THIS IS THE KIND OF MAN I LOVE!! a daddy and masculine guy!!!! this is just perfect!

  • JP

    I would love to give you a call.

  • MB

    Very hot, nice smooth body, great bulge and the arms. Would love to play with you.

  • DD

    Look at all the meat! I really want him to top the hell out of me

  • jon

    now thats what a I call the FULL Pkg UR all MAN

  • Brock Rocket

    Perfect! Would love to see more of you.

  • Logan

    Back off boys! He&aposs mine! I&aposd hate to have to fight someone :)

  • Steve

    Very sexy, great look and pose. Glad you left the underwear on as many guys appreciate not seeing a slutty pic. Very tasteful; I bet you are getting more views just by being wholesome.

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Would love to be in that bedroom with you bro! contact me and see lets see where this goes?

  • Michael

    nice package...

  • AndreasOslo

    Nice, you fill those tighty whities very well. Keep posting.

  • I love u, even though ur not hairy ; )

  • Gorgeous legs! Love your calves! What do a lot of things I&aposll do with you!

  • Que tronco de macho!

  • enrigayboy

    Hello you mister

  • Eric

    Keep usin&apos the treadmill.

  • LikeBeef

    @Sean. Finally someone who is willing to let the newcomers learn the rules. Now photo guy, go back to the drawing board and try to play nice and take a pic that is within the guidelines, ok?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck man. Ur delicious!

  • Bobby

    You don&apost know this yet, but you are my future husband ;) Just giving you the heads up.

  • t-

    your bed looks comfy. :-)

  • Anonymous


  • Seriously?!

    SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?! (As when Emma Stone says it in "Stupid Crazy Love"). GOD!!!! You are wayyyyy to attractive, cute, and handsome - all at once!!! You&aposre face is gorgeous and so is your body...not to mention that PACKAGE!!! I&aposm in Chicago - if you&aposre ever around!

  • Cal

    DAMN! Take of the undies and post another pic, you stud.

  • Trev

    you are the man of my dreams.


    Very nice! Hot bod! Love the arms and legs!

  • Chris

    Good lord, I&aposm going to be dreaming about you for the rest of my life.

  • rondeux

    dude i love everything about you and the pic

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!! Perfect and beautiful!

  • Sean

    There&aposs not really written rules, but the unspoken rules are quite clear when it comes to men this beautiful posting: a clear, well-lit shot that includes your face AND penis. I guess we&aposll take 3 out of 4. Please try again, though...we&aposd appreciate it.

  • primebeff

    DAMN!!! You&aposre a handsome guy. Nice and tall to, love to see more photos of u please.

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