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September 30, 2011 - 12:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • cbl2004

    Oh yeah! Can you imagine this being the &aposboy next door&apos and watching him through the bathroom window, naked and wet.

  • skinnerdick

    Sweet sweet cut cock - love the taper.

  • mike

    awesome :D

  • matse

    wanna suck it...swallowing all ur juice!

  • jay jay

    fuck!!!!! hot. wanna swap pics hit me up at maybe even videos!!

  • Tom

    Damn! All I can say is ...ouch! Looks like it&aposd hurt, but in a good way!

  • YY

    I&aposd love to have my ass filled with your jizz daily.

  • I want to sit on that!

  • Chris

    Seriously, you are one sexy guy! That body, cock, and face are all sexy.

  • To bad he shows to much, leaves nothing to imagination

  • InShockandAwe

    Oh so sexy ... love that curly hair and that cock ... oh baby I&aposd love to be sucking on that right now

  • Kenzilla777

    I think I&aposm in luv cute face nice body and a big ass cock that is asking for some attention and I want to give it to him hit me up please


    Oh fuck you are hot. Love your big cock.

  • BriaNL

    Yup!! hottie

  • MJas

    You&aposre out of TP. :-)


    Nice! Keep posting

  • JP

    You look simply yummy.

  • DD

    Damn your so fucken sexy!!

  • Markus

    your best feature is your armpit!! I love it!

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Can i stroke you cock man! contact me!

  • Admirable abs and huge cock (that desperately needs some pubes).

  • Gavin

    You&aposre out of Toilet Paper

  • enrigayboy

    After this comment I&aposm officially stalker status. gorgeous

  • j. smith

    ok. fuck me, beautiful!

  • Jake

    You one of the hottest guys here! Please post more pics of you closer to the mirror.

  • Anonymous

    totally hot!!!

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot... amazing body and beautiful cock! Love to sit on your cock and take it up the ass!

  • Slick

    I want this guy!! :)

  • TyInTenn

    Check the head on that cock - beautiful!

  • Dusty Rhodes

    And that&aposs what this website is all about. Hit guys walking around, taking a moment to sex it up. Thank you mr gorgeous.

  • bearshaver

    Wow, cute cub. Love the trim job; it suits you and shows off your huge dick. Additional posts will truly be welcomed.

  • Rockin Body, Mr!! I appreciate guys who take care of their physique and appearance. What a handsome face you have! Sure hope you&aposll spread those cheeks and show us those muscular mounds and thick, tight thighs!! Thank you SOOO much for posting!

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you are smoking hot... HOT. DAMN! Fucking A! ---but you are out of cornhole for your butthole (TP)!

  • DoMeDude

    What a perfect fucking man! Thanks for having the balls to post a great pic of a great body and face. You&aposve got it all.

  • mred129

    C&aposmon dude....please grow ur pubes back....that shavin stuff is 4 sissies!! :(

  • Latinbos

    Just beautiful!

  • bostonseal

    Hot bod - working out is building a hot bod for u! Sweet smooth skin, great cock to!

  • iDick

    amazing pic...where do I start? Gorgeous guy, nice tasty looking cock and pit, fucking beautiful got it all you sexy thing! Thanks for this pic...maybe more?

  • Sal

    Love me some pit. Great cock & abs too.

  • primebeff

    DAMN.. Id suck u off while u sit there stud..

  • Fnfckbr


  • Derricke

    wanna come over? ; )

  • Josh

    Hott! from top to bottom, simply Hott!

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