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Chris Salvatore

September 30, 2011 - 02:05 PM
Chris Salvatore on Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Handsome, great hair, promising facial hair and lean-toned and moderately hairy front

  • dejablew

    God I love a hairy man!  Woof!!!

  • ur really one of the hottest celebs i kow!

  • Kee

    I fell in love with you in Eating Out. You are still the hottest ticket around. Sexy beautiful.

  • Tv20091

    Wow, I may be in love...

  • Woooooow Chris Salvatore! Lovely hairy chest and trail, papi!

  • brian


  • j

    man did not know who i was lookin at when i first commented - but gotta tell u - hairy looks GREAT on u

  • Skrapegoat

    my goodness!

    all those soft licks of brown hair


  • TyInTenn

    Don&apost you know there&aposs a big hairy cock stuffed in those shorts? Damn!

  • Slick

    Hey Chris, you&aposre really sexy, and I love the undies peeking out..would you send them to me? :) mxslick@hotmail

  • damien

    The chest hair looks good on you and loving the beard

  • glen

    The ever Gorgeous Chris!

  • Honest

    Oh baby. Talk to daddy


    you&aposre the reason i love guidos

  • Anonymous

    You are cute, but you look the same in all your pics.

  • dudeboyjohnny

    dude, I am getting so turned on even more with the longer you let all your hair grow!! You are a fucking stunnning dude!!

  • bellerophon

    Lookin&apos pretty shaggy Mr. Salvatore...I LIKE IT!

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot!! Love your hairy chest and sexy body!

  • @J: I&aposd certainly love to do the same... Now, Chris, be a hon, show us your tattoo and give us some wood... ;)

  • mred129

    Ohhh....PS: BTW my new TLA Catalog came yesterday....ur on the cover....didn&apost realize &aposEating Out: Drama Camp&apos was on the market already!! Have a gr8 day!! (Eddie in the "Cuse!!)

  • mred129

    Hi again this scruffy look on uu!! Where&aposs the pups this mornin?!! (Lily says arf!!)

  • jay

    If you take your pants off, you&aposll get another acting job. It&aposs not just an urban legend :-)

  • d

    Good Morning Chris! You look delicious.

  • primebeff

    WOW... Sexy and hairy nice!!

  • Theron Gouzoulis

    Furry cutey baby!!!!!!!!

  • marky

    Don&apost change a thing. You&aposre smokin&apos hot!

  • InkLuvr

    Oh wow. You are beautiful. Love the long trunk of your body.

  • J

    O man I&aposd do anything u want. As long as I can rub my cock n balls all over ur beard

  • Anonymous

    Fucking hot!

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