Guys With iPhones

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September 30, 2011 - 08:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Rafamedeiroz

    marry me?

  • Billy

    Beef. It&aposs what&aposs for dinner.

  • khane2007


  • lee

    gorgeous, lovely body but even more bueatiful face

  • Elliott

    You&aposre adorable =)

  • V

    perfection! I want u on top of me!!!!

  • k.e.l

    im so inlove : ) ur perfect : )

  • SFG

    Head doesn&apost really go with the body... I&aposd say 5 to 10lbs less would not be a bad idea. Cute guy though.

  • steven

    I would love to be wrapped up in your arms...

  • DD

    SO fucken hot bro!

  • Ted

    Welcome back, gorgeous. Miss you!

  • Anonymous

    Love your smooth chest and stomach!!

  • TARDIS75

    You&aposre WICKED cute! Where are you from?

  • Mitto

    Wow email me hot man tits!

  • Why did you in the hell shave!

  • jay

    he needs to show his dick

  • Anonymous

    One of my all time fav posters!

  • j

    cute! perfect amounts of pudge and muscle. sexy sexy


    hello husband.. i live in upstate NY but will move to you. :)

    email me

  • Anonymous

    Omg....u r one fine ass guy

  • Anonymous

    hot now loose the boxers!

  • acropk

    Fuck chiseled abs, this is the perfect body

  • Jay

    Glasses make me so horny! Ur fuckin hot!

  • Cessa

    you r hot!

  • Will

    you need to be mine! Absolutely gorgeous

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