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September 30, 2011 - 11:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • omar

    hi could you send more pictures to my email. please my email is

  • Kronos2722

    Ur amazing lets talk

  • Mark

    so hot! email me if you would like to chat

  • Mark

    Very very hot.. If you wanna chat email me at

  • mil

    i love your chubliness :)

  • Tom

    Dude stop teasing us and pull it out!

  • k.e.l

    been always waiting for your posts : ) cant wait for more...

  • rodrigo

    o my God, i&aposm in love

  • nigel

    very cute...cant wait to see it all!!

  • mred129

    @ Anonymous: Shaving isn&apost perfect because it&aposs not natural & he DOESN&aposT &apostrim&apos, he&aposs "shaved".... there&aposs a big difference & in &aposmy&apos own opinion not masculine @ all! Nevermind... was just sayin!

  • Anonymous

    Cute Cute Cute!

  • JP

    I really like your underwear. It looks baggy. Are you packing a heavy monster? Keep posting.

  • ds

    loose the boxers!

  • Anonymous

    Shaved = perfect. SOOOOOOO hot that u trim!!

  • mred129

    Aawwww....dude....I can&apost believe ur all shaved either. Such a shame (to me) :(

  • Come on here with me in my bed bby

  • Anonymous

    very Sexy...hope there&aposs the big reveal!! :)

  • witomn

    Nom, nom, nom

  • Laxguy02

    Dude... U in a jock would be fucking amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Getting closer... Fuck yer hot!!!!

  • tim

    holy shit u are amazing. post some more stud!

  • joe

    needs more x 1,000!

  • I can&apost believe you shaved!

  • Jay

    So hot! I need u in my life!

  • primebeff

    Sexy. Now take it all off man..

  • Rob

    HOT! Would love to fuck u!

  • In Chicago

    Hi, if you&aposre in Chicago, I would really like to meet you. I&aposm 24 years old, good looking, 5&apos9", and good looking. I am well educated and well traveled. And I too, wear glasses. I hope to hear from you.

  • Ukguy

    Mmmmmm so hot big fella! Get em off!

  • Topher

    fuck- so hot

  • Anonymous

    ooooh baby, just gets better with each post

  • ryan

    Lets see that booty. Turn around!

  • Anonymous

    awesome man....

  • chirs

    So very cute. Thanks for putting on shorter boxers. I like seeing your legs. How &aposbout showing a little more??

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