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October 8, 2011 - 07:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Melocoton!

    Olsen i agree with you :) @james you think? I like my hair longer,@gs well if i have something good i need to know how to use it, in this case i use my lips like a pro kissing and other oral stuff :)

  • Nothing better than a guy w. an amazing smile and WHITE CLEAN TEETH!

  • Nice smile!

  • @Juan: You are not alone! Espero la espera valga la pena! ;-)

  • Rod

    Great smile goes along with a great hairy bubble butt...

  • I luv a man who smile too. For sure he has a ingenious humor sense.

  • GS

    Oh gosh that third comment of you, made me leaking

  • @melocotón Seré paciente y sabré esperar... Espero no sea muy tarde ja, ja, ja, ja!

  • I like this hair cut in you... You look neat!

  • Melocoton!

    Juan relajate, lo bueno se hace esperar ! :)

  • Melocoton!

    yes i know how to work my lips that&aposs for sure! :D

  • Damn!! Instant boner smile!!!

  • Ed

    I guess you must do wonders with those lips!

  • Why you have been hidden? Come on come to the light! Where do you live?

  • JJ

    A Nice Guy With A Nice Smile.

  • I know that word in spanish.. Melocoto means PEACH. mmmmmmmm! Wonder what it&aposs your PINK!

  • Cute boy

  • Great smile!! Question, Great ass?

  • Vamos, Melocotón enseña mas... Me has hecho siempre sufrir y por fin una sin camisa... Cuanto más debo agonizar para poder ver más allá?

  • Melocoton!

    hjahahahaha well i&aposve been hidden

  • Leo

    Why are we not together????? Where have u been I have been waiting for you!!! :)

  • jm

    Love a man who smiles.

  • Melocoton

    Thank you guys :)

  • One of the cutest guys on here. Instant love affair.

  • DK

    Beautiful Smile

  • Kendall

    Great smile :)

  • Nick#1

    You are beautiful,you have a very big, nice inviting smile,as well as beautiful teeth!

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