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October 11, 2011 - 11:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • eastlosangelesdude

    Soooo beautiful, leave a bush. I love you.

  • jakeyj

    @Slim- He&aposs got a generous amount of both. Enough muscle to give him that sexy beefiness as well as a soft layer of fat to give you something to grab onto when you&aposre riding him... and something to cuddle up to afterwards. :) He&aposs perfect.

  • jakeyj

    @Slim- He&aposs got a generous amount of both; enough muscle to give him that hot beefiness and enough fat so that there&aposs a something to grab hold of while you&aposre riding him... and then to cuddle with afterwards :)

  • Slim

    Is this guy muscular or fat? It&aposs extremely difficult to tell...

  • moj

    i love you and want to have ur babies :D

  • Michael

    Hot man! Post a nude man!

  • b

    you dont post enough there should be a pic of you on here everyday and when you gonna lose the clothes ? keep the pics coming

  • InShockandAwe

    I agree PL and I would love it on top of me often

  • Ted

    Welcome back sexy!

  • k.e.l

    hot as always : )

  • PL

    Nice thick body, just gorgeous!

  • GMAN

    My God, you are amazing!

  • AndreasOslo

    Nice, you fill those boxers very well. Wear your glasses more. Keep posting.

  • @Boop, I&aposve never seen this stud-muffin post au-de-natural, but he&aposs posted in low boxers showing off a hint of his man-jungle - and with a few low towels. Have definitely seen the outline of his peen...looks to be nice and healthy. Hoping to see a naked side shot with peen in hand. Salivating over what is undoubtedly going to be a full, thick and suculant rump

  • spencer

    . . . so great to be w/ a guy who has something to grab onto

  • mmm

    you know he has a thick dick, you can just tell

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE post more!

  • SirDuderave

    If your ever in California would love to take you out. 26 here.

  • Jay

    Miss the glasses!

  • Boop

    Has this guy ever posted a naked photo before? So hot!

  • William

    I live for your posts... Somebody Correct me if I&aposm wrong... but you are THE HOTTEST man to EVER post on this site, SAVE NONE!!!!!!!!

  • jeff

    f*ucking gorgeous!!

  • cpw


  • Vermont

    Brute. I&aposm in love. You sure can keep me warm this winter. Woofs.

  • the pr poet

    Now you&aposre hott. I love a thick man. Post more!! get at me!

  • Anonymous

    Always a good day when an all-time fav posts... Love this guy.

  • tonknee

    You R FUCKING turn me on....I will be your whatever and whenever.....I can look @work u 4r hours

  • Artsy

    Marry mee!

  • mike

    Damn! you have the PERFECT chunky body that I LUST for :D

  • Brent

    Damn... Big boy, you can show me who&aposs boss any day of the week in bed.

  • Anonymous

    Show your pits!

  • Anonymous

    damn, you are hot. my favorite poster by far.

  • Josh

    love the chest and V man. keep the pictures coming!

  • Iluvmen

    You are such a hot looking guy, but you always have the goofiest facial expression. What&aposs up with that?

    Oh btw, I have the exact same Old Navy boxers.

  • DeanB

    Fuck man, you are such a stud, everytime I see you on here!!! :)

  • Roderigo

    You just refuse to take off those boxers lol dnt you ;) oh well you still look great

  • Dan

    you are so CRAZY hot it hurts!!!

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