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Michael Muhney

October 28, 2011 - 03:05 PM
Michael Muhney on Guys with iPhones
  • pat

    He is just playing with his hair.....any fingers are unintentional.

  • Tyler

    Oh Michael/Adam, I wish you would show us some more of yourself! You are so sexy!! You&aposre one of the main reasons I continue to watch Y&R! I love that cute little smile of yours!!!

  • ronen

    Lighten up Francis. We&aposre all just hoping he flips us the middle (dangling) digit someday.
    Besides how can you get so pissy when he has such a cute smirk.

  • Me

    So sick of guys giving the finger. They&aposre missing something. Something called maturity.

  • logan

    I like &aposthe finger&apos. I think he&aposs just flirting with us (don&apost be so sensitive). :P

  • Anonymous

    Typo. I love hairy men, not fairy. Oops

  • I love fairy men

    I agree with Rambunctious. I thought you were sexy, then I saw that gesture. What a huge turnoff. Too bad!

  • aa

    Who is this dude?

  • Y7RFan

    We all want to see more of you....

  • soccerplayer

    As always, great seeing your posting. Such a handsome guy. I bet your a sweetheart..

  • ronen

    Is that an offer, Mr. Muhney? If so, I accept!

  • lee

    I could swallow you whole Michael. I&aposd swallow anything of yours;)

  • dK

    Nice Hair.

  • primebeff

    Michael do u do private photos any, if so

  • Derricke

    good morning hair!

  • JC

    such a handsome man! i enjoy watchin you on my Soap!

  • The finger greeting is not cool. Unfortunate.

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